Sec. Clinton Nonsensically Compares Margaret Sanger to Thomas Jefferson


At the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fielded questions from three congressmen who asked her about abortion.

New Jersey representative Chris Smith asked Clinton about her praise of Planned Parenthood founder and eugenicist Margaret Sanger at a Planned Parenthood awards banquet in Houston last month. He also asked her if “the United States’ definition of the term reproductive health or reproductive services or reproductive rights includes abortion?”

Clinton punted on the Sanger question and instead offered a full-throated defense of international abortion rights. Clinton answered Smith’s question about the “reproductive health” terminology directly, saying that “reproductive health includes access to abortion.” While this isn’t news, it does shed some light on President Obama’s assertion in 2007 that “reproductive care” is “at the heart” of his health care plan. (read more)


By Kayleigh Harvey – Talk Radio News Service

Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, answered questions for almost four-hours on foreign policy priorities in the Obama administration in a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing today.

Upon entering Clinton was met with protest signs from Code Pink asking the State Department to begin talks with the Palestinian government even if it did include Hamas, as they were democratically elected to their positions. One protester shouted, “It is called the ‘state’ not ‘hate’ department.”

During the hearing Clinton made it clear that talks between the Obama administration and Hamas. She said, “The President’s policy…is very clear, we will not deal with, nor in any way fund, a Palestinian government that includes Hamas unless and until Hamas has renounced violence, recognized Israel and agreed to follow the previous obligations of the Palestinian authority. That is our policy, but we want to leave open the door so that can happen.”

This was Clinton’s first appearance to the House since her confirmation hearings earlier this year. In her opening statement she spoke of the progress she had made nearly 100-days into her new role. Clinton reiterated the Presidents goals in Afghanistan and and Pakistan and stated the administrations “core goal to disrupt, dismantle and defeat Al Qaeda, to prevent their return to safe havens in Afghanistan or Pakistan.”

On Iran Clinton said, “We are deploying new approaches to the threat posed by Iran, and we are doing so with our eyes wide open and with no illusions. We no the imperative of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons after years, during which the United States basically sat on the sidelines, we are now a full partner in the P5+1 talks.”

Before taking questions Clinton told the committee, “We are in this together. We have to row in the same direction for the benefit of our country and our children.”  (read more…)

Secretary Clinton Admits Obama will Work to Dismantle Abortion Laws around the World


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