I don’t have health care insurance right now because I lost my job last year.   I am paying out of pocket for everything and I am managing okay.  Yes, I miss the coverage that I had when I worked but I  have made major adjustments.  The one thing that I do not want is government sponsored health care.  If you listened to President Obana, someone like me would be the perfect target for the scam that he is trying to peddle to the American people.  Well, guess what?  I’m not interested and it appears that I am not alone!!  Thank God, the American people have responded to Obama’s con game with a resounding NOT INTERESTED!

Does he think we are stupid?  He has brought the SWAMP POLITICS FROM CHICAGO  with him to the White House.   Those of us here in Chicago recognize his thug tactics … it’s just too bad that the country did not find out about his true nature during the 2008 campaign.  We have the Obama Media to blame for that.  If you watch him carefully, you will not miss the ruthless way he handles anyone who disagrees with him …. in other words, JUST SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF HIS WAY!  CHICAGO STYLE, FOLKS!



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