Thousands Of Yellow Roses Sent To PM Netanyahu As A Symbol Of Friendship And Solidarity With Israel

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More than twelve thousand yellow roses (the symbol of friendship) are being sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the message: “Be encouraged, Americans stand with you. God bless you,” along with the Bible verse, Psalm 147:2, “The Lord builds up Jerusalem.”

The front page of Friday’s Jerusalem Post reported that there was more than a little hesitancy on the part of the Prime Minister’s office to accept this goodwill gift from the American people, but Janet (Folger) Porter, of Faith2Action and May Day 2010, who initiated the Israel Friendship Project, remains steadfast in her belief that Prime Minister Netanyahu will open his arms to the beautiful bouquets of friendship.

“While it’s true that no one is sending Obama any flowers, it’s clear when reading the cards that will be delivered with the yellow roses that the Israel Friendship Project isn’t about Obama–it’s about our love and support of the Prime Minister and of Israel,” added Porter.

Israeli florist Richard Kovler, who will be delivering more than one thousand dozen roses, has people walking up to him on the street and calling from around the world to thank him.  “I’ve also received an outpouring of emails thanking us for our support,” said Porter, “some with suggestions of where the flowers might be delivered.  But these flowers are being sent to Prime Minister Netanyahu–what the Prime Minister does with them is up to him,” Porter said.  “I hope he fills his office and then his government buildings with a fresh, bright reminder that Americans stand with Israel. Then, I hope that sweet aroma of friendship will extend to the Knesset–Israel’s parliament, and to the hospitals treating the victims of ‘previous promises of Palestinian peace.'”

“As the Passover celebration comes to a close, may the words ‘Next year in (rebuilt) Jerusalem,’ never be replaced with: ‘Next year in only the western part of Jerusalem and only with the Obama administration’s permission,'” added Porter.

“This is just another reason we will be gathering at the Lincoln Memorial on May the first – ‘May Day,'” Porter added.  “We have tried everything except gathering together before God to repent of the sins that have brought us here,” said Porter.  “Join us at sunrise on May Day at the Lincoln Memorial,” she added. “because a repentant remnant who will humble themselves before Almighty God is not only our best hope, it is our only hope.




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