In John 14:6, Jesus says “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. This means (and this will offend some of you) that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven, His truth is the only truth and He is the only One who can give you eternal life.

Islam is a false religion.  Not only is it false but it is mean-spirited, evil and wicked just as Franklin Graham described it. To all of our Muslim neighbors, God loves you and sent His Son to die for you too Mr. Graham was right to speak out in truth and God will reward him for his faith.

So the Pentagon has rescinded its invitation to Rev. Graham to give the invocation at the Pentagon on May 6, 2010, the National Day of Prayer.….hmmm, let me see.-

First, President Obama canceled the National Prayer Breakfast at the White House last year, then Judge Barbara Crabb declared the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional this year and now, Franklin Graham has been chastised and dis-invited by Obama’s officials in the Pentagon and told he was not welcomed because of his remarks about Islam.


Even though Obama’s Justice Department is appealing the ruling by Judge Crabb, we all know that the appeal is simply window-dressing.  Obama does not care about the National Day of Prayer and in my opinion is quite pleased about all of this.  Barack Obama is shameless.

Red State had this report-

Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)

Thursday, April 22nd at 10:13PM EDT


Billy Graham’s son Franklin, a solid evangelist in his own right, was invited to give the address at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service.

Barack Obama’s administration has revoked the invitation.

Why? Well, it turns out Franklin Graham really believes in Christ and holds that Christ really is “they way and the truth and the life.”

Consequently, Franklin Graham has spoken out about Islam — the only religion to see its followers carry out violent terrorist attacks on the United States in the name of that religion — and its violent ways.

The Council on Islamic-American Relations and other Islamic groups got upset with Franklin Graham pointing out the truth.

So the Obama Administration caved.

Army spokesman Col. Tom Collins confirmed today, that at the Army’s request, the Pentagon Chaplain’s Office had contacted Graham to withdraw the invitation extended to him to be the main speaker at the Pentagon’s observance of the National Day of Prayer.

You’ll note it says Army. True, but it was Obama appointees who made the call. Let’s not obfuscate whose responsibility it is.

In the meantime, Franklin Graham marches on >>>

This from the Samaritan’s Purse

National Day of Prayer Under Attack

Franklin Graham challenges pastors and churches to intercede for America

As honorary chairman for the National Day of Prayer Task Force, Franklin Graham is challenging pastors and churches over the next two Sundays to intercede for America.

“Only one Sunday remains before the National Day of Prayer, an event under attack like never before,” Graham said. “I am calling on pastors to ask their congregations to stand with us as we pray for our president, our leaders, our men and women in the military, and our nation as a whole. We need churches everywhere to stand with us on May 6 as we join in prayer as one nation, under God.”

VIDEO: Franklin Graham speaks with CBN News about the Army’s decision to rescind an invitation to speak at the Pentagon.

Graham will be in Washington May 6 to lead a prayer service for the nation at the Cannon House Office Building. He was also scheduled to speak at the Pentagon until the U.S. Army rescinded his invitation.

“I want to express my strong support for the United States military and all our troops,” said Graham, whose youngest son serves in the Army. “I will continue to pray that God will give them guidance, wisdom, and protection, as they serve this great country.”

Graham joins a task force led by Mrs. Shirley Dobson whose mission is to mobilize the Christian community to intercede for America and its leadership in the seven centers of power: Government, Military, Media, Business, Education, Church, and Family.

VIDEO: Franklin Graham responds to a judge’s ruling that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional .

Millions will unite in prayer at thousands of events from coast to coast. This year’s theme is “Prayer for Such a Time as This” and is based on Nahum 1:7: “ The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him.”

The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May, inviting people of all faiths to pray for the nation. It was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman.

The day has become a national observance, with events held across the nation and in Washington, D.C. Last year, local, state and federal observances were held from sunrise in Maine to sunset in Hawaii, uniting Americans from all socio-economic, political, and ethnic backgrounds in prayer for our nation. It is estimated that more than two million people attended more than 40,000 observances organized by tens of thousands of volunteers. At state capitols, county court houses, on the steps of city halls, and in schools, businesses, churches, and homes, people stopped their activities and gathered for prayer.

The National Day of Prayer transcends differences, bringing together citizens from all backgrounds.

“We have lost many of our freedoms in America because we have been asleep,” said Mrs. Dobson, chairman of the task force. “I feel if we do not become involved and support the annual National Day of Prayer, we could end up forfeiting this freedom, too.”

For more information, visit the National Day of Prayer web site.

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