May Day! Times Square May 2, 2010

Thanks to The “Silent” Majority No More for this posting and the on the scene photos of the evacuation of Times Square during the failed Car Bomb attempt >>>

May Day, 2010 and the Times Square Evacuation

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Either the terrorists were running a drill, or the cops were…It sure seemed like it could have been a ‘drill’…and if the terrorists ran such a practice run, I guess they got to watch how Times Square is going to manage the situation (on May Day).  And we all know how the terrorists love the symbolism of certain dates…

I watched it start from the upper level of McD’ so it all seemed a bit casual, but then a woman came in, frazzled, and said people were running up town saying the pop, pops they just heard was a gun….then there was talk of a bomb…


I took some video as we all left McD.s and headed for up to 47th St. The cop at McD’s said it was a bomb that had already gone off…

Now since we already know that the authorities never want to label anything as terrorism….or anyone a terrorist, will this go down in the reports as a “suspicious car-fire” (case-closed?)

HEADS UP  Re May Day and the Illegals: What I was planning to post was our intense confrontation in Union Square with the predictable Supporters of the Illegals (always on May Day). The lack of police support for our side was not the norm at all and it permitted the annoying infiltration of our Patriots by the 9-11 Truthers/We are Change/John Birch Nut-Jobs.We had a few hot and heavy exchanges and the police were AWOL (bizarre) That post will have to go up tomorrow…

My Comment: Many, many thanks to The “Silent” Majority No More blog for these live photos as this failed terrorist attack went down.  You are a true Patriot and you deserve much credit for recording what could have been (as Mayor Bloomberg put it) a deadly event.  So happy you are safe.  God bless you.

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