Jews Missing George W. Bush

I read this commentary by Lame Cherry and I could not resist posting it.  It just says everything that I knew would happen given the right amount of time.  As we move forward under the tyrannical eye of The False Messiah’, it will become more apparent what a good president we had in George W. Bush.  The more we see of Obama the clearer we see the differences in the two men.  We see that Bush loves his country and the American people.  We also see the love he had for the Jewish people.  He would never treat the leader of our ally, Israel, in the way that Obama is doing.  It is so wonderful that Bush has the discipline to keep his mouth closed as Obama blames him for everything, while thin, onion-skin Obama cannot walk away one time from legitimate criticism of his socialist policies. Here’s Lame Cherry’s comments from April 26, 2010 >>>

Heck even Obama misses George W. Bush

Shhhh, I have another secret, you already know, but it just has not registered yet in you have noticed that Barack Hussein Obama and Axelrod Inc. have finally shut up about blaming George W. Bush for everything in life.

Logic dictates that Obama found in their massive polling that over the past months, every time he bashed President Bush it only reminded voters how good they had it under George W. Bush, and what a draconian, dictatorial disaster everyone is existing under the Hutatree gun of Obama.

Just remember the worst days of President Bush, in Al Gore trying to steal Florida, Valerie Plame being the mole to bring the impeached promise of Bush as payback for the Clinton impeachment, Soros in his meddling MoveOn, that poor Cindy Sheehan being funded and used by the lunatic left with that anarchist mob and the entire array of Obama benefactors staging Abu Gharib, Korans in toilets, death counts……….and in all of that there were no spontaneous mass rallies, no Orin Hatch being voted out of office like Teddy Kennedy was due to draconian Obama, and no need to send out the federal police to slap around the Citizens or no need to go microwave the Jews.

It has gotten so bad for Obama that he has resorted to leading around Mrs. Ed on the White House pasture by holding her hands. Their walks in the Carolina woods were supposed to invoke Hillary on the beach passions to soothe the savage breast of liberals, but all Obama looked like was the Sasquatch herd roaming through the dark forest scaring the bamuhammed out of the campers.

George W. Bush never once used his wife, the lovely and beautiful Laura, as a political slut the way Mr. Obama has now resorted to.
Just imagine the gagging meeting where Emmanuel and Axelrod sit down with the Obama couple and say, “OK your poll numbers are in the crapper. But we found in our liberal, loveless, lovelorn, loons, that they will not hate you so bad if you hold Mrs. Ed’s hand and go for a run in the woods as a “middle class couple”.

Honestly, who would not frown at that if you were normal and say, “What the hell Maxwell, I am not using my wife like a whore nor my relationship with her to gain political points.”

Yet we see that is exactly what Barack Hussein Obama has sunk to.

Obama really has a problem in his resort area as even the Jews have jerked Chuck Schumer’s chain in having him come out and rant at Obama concerning making the Israeli state a microwave oven ala Ahmadinejad.
Ed Koch has been on a tear which is very welcome and he is but the tip of the iceberg as Jews are going to rally in mass in New York protesting Obama bashing around Jews.

For all of this to be happening means, there is a Jewish resistance forming. I will make the point that if liberals Jews had not drunk the Obama kool aid that none of us would be in this situation, but then Jews let in the Edomites to help defend Jerusalem in 70 AD and that really turned out bad, so letting Obama in the bastion gates makes the mistakes the Jews make whoppers, and Obama is one whopper of a mistake.

Consider this though in how amazing Providence is to George W. Bush still. Mr. Bush is searching for answers yet in Christ, but who could have thought in a year’s time that after the drubbing the President took, that God would turn this around in the people’s hearts to have them inclined like a romantic tale to fondly remembering President Bush and in irony, it is the perfect satire in “MISS ME YET”.
It reminds the beastly left of the horrid things they did and even they are more and more each day feeling shame as the reality of the Obama they whored themselves for, as the ends do not justify the means.

All of this is fast approaching a unanimous mob decision in buyer’s remorse in the dead in hell are feeling the heat for ACORN voting for them all for Obama.

If one has not noticed, besides Obama abandoning Iraq, Obama is moving record time to evacuate Kuwait in spending a fortune accomplishing it to be all done by 2010. With Benjamin Netanyahu dumping Iran back into Obama’s dithering hands for a year as Jews do not want to be stuck dealing with an Obama nuclear mess, it all seems like Jews protesting in fond remembrance of the peace which George W. Bush brought the civilized world by making effective war in the uncivilized parts, that there is going to be an exclamation point on “MISS ME YET!“, as Obama has lost his legs in leading the world, had to give American nuclear superiority away to con leaders to his summit, and while the Navy is running Pacific policy, the Air Force just launched a killer space shuttle that they are not saying when it is ever coming back.

A lot of people are missing George W. Bush, and a lot of people are about to start missing him a great deal more.

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