Stop Repeal Of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – Our Lives Depend On It!

Obama and the Socialists are under extreme pressure by the Homosexual Lobby to repeal the longstanding law of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  The House and the Senate are scheduled to take votes on the issue tomorrow.  Help STOP THIS!  Follow the instructions from the Thomas More Law Center shown below: WE MUST STOP THIS!

From the Desk of Richard Thompson
President and Chief Counsel, Thomas More Law Center

YOU Must Act Today to Stop Repeal of the Ban on Gays Openly Serving in the Military

Time is running out.

Tomorrow, May 27th, both the Senate and the House plan to vote on whether to repeal the long-standing statutory ban on homosexuals openly serving in the military. As a result of  the increased  pressure on the White house and Congress by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy groups, the vote is scheduled without first obtaining the planned Pentagon report due later in the year.

According to reports, Congressmen are being deluged with phone calls and mail to pressure them to repeal the ban.

Now it’s up to YOU! Please contact (phone or e-mail) the key senators listed below by tomorrow, May 27th. Let them know that you oppose repeal of the long-standing ban on gays openly serving in the military. Ask your family and friends to do the same.

Robert C. Byrd (D-West Virginia)         202-224-3924

Bill Nelson (Florida)                            202-224-5274

Evan Bayh (D-Indiana)                         202-224-5623

Jim Webb (D-Virginia)                        202-224-4024

Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts)             202-224-4543

Susan M. Collins (R-Maine)                   202-224-2523

All you have to say or write is:

Please oppose any attempt to repeal or place a moratorium on the longstanding ban on gays openly serving in the military. The purpose of our military is to prepare for and prevail in combat.  It is not a place to experiment with social engineering.”


The Center for Military Readiness has developed an excellent one-page outline setting forth Ten Reasons to Oppose the Law.  You may read it by clicking here.

The Supreme Court has long recognized the difference between military and civilian life, and has given great deference to the requirements of our military.   There is no constitutional right to serve in our armed forces, and homosexual groups should not be allowed to foist their political and social agendas at the expense of national security, and the destruction of unit cohesion, which is so essential to the combat effectiveness of our armed forces.

Repeal of the ban on homosexuals serving in the military would sacrifice the best military force in the world as a political payoff to homosexual advocacy groups for their campaign support.

Over 1,150 distinguished retired Flag and General Officers of the military, including 51 four-star generals and admirals, strongly urge that the existing ban be maintained.  In a statement released in 2009, they expressed their great concern about the impact a repeal of the ban would have on “morale, discipline, unit cohesion, and overall readiness.”

If the ban is repealed, LGBT operatives will infiltrate the military, and backed by a brigade of ACLU lawyers, will push the homosexual agenda to the point of paralyzing the primary purpose of the military—winning wars.

The 1993 federal statute at issue, (often mislabeled as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”) states that homosexuals are not eligible to serve in the military.  The law was passed overwhelmingly by bipartisan, veto-proof majorities in both houses, after extensive hearings and debate.  The legislation was prompted by overwhelming public opposition to President’s Clinton’s attempt to lift the ban on homosexuals in the military as a political favor to the homosexual groups which supported his election bid.

In its findings leading to the 1993 law, Congress affirmed:  there is no constitutional right to serve in the armed forces; military life is fundamentally different from civilian life; the prohibition against homosexual conduct is a long-standing element of military law; and the presence of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability.

Most military commanders oppose repeal of the ban on homosexuals serving in the military:

• Over 1,150 distinguished retired admirals and generals.
• The current Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James T. Conway, told the Congress that his advice to the President and the Congress was to keep the ban on homosexuals as it is.
• The Army Chief of Staff, General George W. Casey, Jr., told Congress he had serious concerns about the impact of a repeal of the ban on the military currently engaged in two wars.

Some points why the ban should be maintained:

• As stated in current law, there is no constitutional right to serve in the military.
• The military is historically selective about who can join, based on age, weight, physical fitness, health, drug usage and more.
• Open homosexuality would destroy unit cohesion, good order and discipline.
• Military life is drastically different from civilian life.  Troops are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, sharing sleeping quarters, showers, and other living areas in conditions that the law describes as “forced intimacy.”
• According to one poll, 10% of military personnel say they will quit if homosexuals are allowed to serve openly.
• Accepting homosexual men in the military will expose service members to higher risks of health problems, including AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
• Young enlisted personnel will be potentially compromised by inappropriate conduct, including sexual advances by higher ranking homosexuals.
• As most serving in the military are Christians, the ban will cause them and their Christian Chaplains religious conflicts as their faith considers homosexual conduct a sin.

Military men and women, our sons and daughters, should not be subjected to an involuntary social experiment, and our nation should not have to pay compromise its national security in order to allow satisfy promises made to LGBT groups.

Please forward this Letter to family and friends HERE.

Thank you for all your help.

Richard Thompson,
President and Chief Counsel,
Thomas More Law Center


Ten Reasons to Oppose the “LGBT Law” for the Military

Email Link to Family and Friends


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