Stop The Mosque!

Are we all in a deep coma?  What is happening to us?  I continue to pinch myself  from time to time just to be certain that I am not in some kind of deep sleep nightmare.  Obama is the most ridiculous, duplicitous individual most of us have seen.  He says one thing and deliberately does another.  It is not an accident that he pretended to support the Jews and Israel during the 2008 presidential campaign.  He said and did things just to get elected.  He appears to take great pleasure in breaking with all previous relationships with our great ally.  I really can’t stomach anymore of this man.  Thank God we on have around 970 more days to go until January 2012!

One Jerusalem Online reported this –

At times it feels like we are watching a slow motion movie which ends with us being incapable of changing an unwelcome outcome. Day in and day out evidence appears which supports the thesis that the Obama administration and the West lack the will to stop the Islamic juggernaut that sends human bombs to kill innocents on planes, in Times Square, and on the London underground. Daily, the Obama administration sends out signals that it is determined to meet Islamic threats with capitulation. This week a high ranking, national security official in the administration talked about the need to work with the “moderate” elements in Hezbollah. He clearly does not see the inherent contradiction in using the word moderate to describe Hezbollah. Would anyone suggest talking to moderate Nazis? A British Prime Minister did and 50 million innocent deaths later the world knew there were no moderate Nazis. The same is true with Hezbollah.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration is not the only one with a distorted view of the Islamic threat in America. Recently, a Community Board in lower Manhattan approved the construction of a community center and Mosque yards from Ground Zero. This decision was greeted with happy talk by community board members. But one observer said, this would be like the Japanese erecting a Shinto Kamikaze shrine near the American battleships destroyed by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

If Melanie Phillip’s important new book, The World Turned Upside Down was still being written she would undoubtedly have included this Mosque project in her text.

While the liberal media provides coverage for an imam associated with the project to talk about peace and love, they remain silent about the imam’s comments that blamed America for the attacks on 9-11.

While the powers that be in the City of New York would like this issue to go away, the people of New York and other concerned people are not remaining silent.They are active on the web and they are taking to streets by Ground Zero on June 6.

There is still time to stop this project. Attend and let friends know about the rally.

posted by rightthingtodo  May 26, 2010 

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