Obama Votes Against Israel…Again

One Jerusalem reports –

Obama Votes Against Israel and Israel …

Today, the Obama administration voted in favor of international inspections of Israel’s nuclear program. This came after the Obama administration said it would not support an initiative that singled out Israel.  In fact, National Security Adviser Jim Jones said such an initiative was counterproductive. There are reports that Israel was assured that the Obama administration would support Israel’s objection.But once again, the Obama administration lied and voted in favor of a resolution that singles out Israel for inspections and does not mention Iran’s nuclear program. After the vote, Obama said he would do nothing to harm Israel. This is like after stabbing Caesar, Brutus vows to defend Caesar.

This damaging stunt was sprung while Prime Minister Netanyahu is in North America on his way to Washington. The Prime Minister’s office is saying he will be looking for assurances from the man who just stabbed him and Israel in the back.

When is Israel going to wake up. Obama will continue to stab Israel in the back as long as Israel refuses to fight back. Being a lapdog to Obama is a dangerous role. Unfortunately the whole nation of Israel is at risk.

President Obama is a disgrace to America – we need to pray for God to ‘CHANGE’ him.

Hang tough, Mr. Netanyahu.

posted by rightthingtodo  May 31, 2010


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