Rosie O’Donnell Says “Helen Thomas Had It Right”??????

We had better pay attention to everything that is happening these days. Sometimes things look  innocent and harmless and we tend to shrug our shoulders and ignore them.  THAT HAS TO STOP!!

Listen very carefully to Rosie O’Donnell as she discusses the forced retirement of White House correspondent Helen Thomas who made reprehensible statements about “Jews should get the hell out of Palestine”.

It is so apparent that Rosie has not read this book called the BIBLE or maybe she has read it and just doesn’t believe what it says. Hey, that’s all good because  in spite of what this current administration is trying to do to this country, this is still America, the home of the FREE.  Free speech and free thought so Rosie and Helen Thomas are entitled to their opinion but  not their own truth.  There is only one Truth, period.  That Truth is found in the Holy Bible, period. The Truth gave the land of Israel to the Jews, so they are HOME, period.  The Truth also says, all who bless Israel (the Jews) will be blessed and all who curse Israel (the Jews) will be cursed, period. Genesis 12:3

Please note that Rosie and her friend are saying that Helen Thomas was forced to retire because of political correctness.  It is chilling to hear them speak of the history of Jews in Germany and Poland in such casual terms, that is, “the ovens are not there anymore“.  It is chilling to think that anyone would suggest that Jews should go home to Germany and Poland, places where unthinkable things happened to them ….

A mass grave in Belsen camp.

One of the cremation pits used to burn the victims of the gas chambers in Auschwitz. These "burning pits" were used mainly in the summer of 1944, when the extermination was going at such a rate that the furnaces couldn't handle the number of corpses.

two Jewish pupils are humiliated before their classmates. The inscription on the blackboard reads "The Jew is our greatest enemy, beware of the Jew

Children subjected to medical experiments in Auschwitz.

Nazi medical experiments: a prisoner is submerged in a tank filled with cold water. The goal of this type of experiments was to check how long German pilots, who had to parachute into the cold north sea, would survive. Different types of clothing were tested, as well as different methods for reviving the experimental subjects who survived.

Former prisoners of the "little camp" in Buchenwald. (Photo courtesy USHMM)

Rescued prisoners almost dead with starvation

Though the ovens are no longer there, Rosie and Helen, the memories will be there forever.  We

will never forget.

The following is an excerpt from the memoir of a Holocaust survivor, Erna F. Rubinstein.  This is one of millions that were compiled for The Nizkor Project.

"One Sunday morning, we were summoned
to the Appellplatz [ed. note: this
was the central square at Plaszow 
concentration camp. knm]. This was an
unusual call, and we didn't know what 
to expect. We lined up in fives
according to working groups as we did 
every morning and every evening, and
waited. The number of SS men watching 
us was greater than usual, and the
Jewish policemen, in particular, had a 
gloomy look. We noticed something
that looked like a gallows in the middle 
of the Appellplatz.

`Why would the Germans go to the trouble 
of hanging people when they can
shoot them instantly?' someone asked.

`They must add some color to the killing,' 
Pola snapped. 

Three young people, a girl and two boys, 
were brought in front of the
gallows. A stillness, terrible, frightening, 
covered the Appellplatz. No
one moved; even the guards and the Jewish 
policemen were motionless.

I didn't want to look up. I could scarcely 
breathe the air was so heavy. In
spite of myself, my eyes rested on the girl. 
It was Hela, a school friend
of mine. She seemed taller than she was, 
for she was so slender, and there
was a haunting beauty in her large, clear 
eyes. She was self-controlled as
she stood there in front of the gallows. 
The voice of the Commander

`These three tried to escape from work; 
they are charged with treason and
sabotage! For this, they will hang!'

As the guard finished, the hangman tied 
ropes around the necks of the three
and pulled up. My friend fell. A hissing 
sound went through the crowd. My
heart was beating fast. Maybe they would 
let her live. I remember reading
somewhere that there was such a law; if 
someone was hanged and fell, he
would be allowed to live.

For the Germans, however, there were no 
laws. Again, the noose was placed
around Hela's neck, and this time there 
was no fumbling. We all had to
watch. The guards were walking around our 
columns and making us look. Those
who looked away were pushed with the guns; 
those who fainted, and many did,
were poked with guns until they came to. 
I stood there and watched, trying
to imagine that it was just another 
nightmare that would soon be forgotten.

We were slowly learning to live with horror, 
tragedy, and cruelty. We were
becoming immune to it, or so we thought. 
Not long after the first hanging,
we were called to the Appellplatz again on 
a Sunday. This time we knew we
had to witness another spectacle the 
Germans had prepared for us."
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