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Something To Remember About Gulf Oil Spill

posted by rightthingtodo  Thursday, June 17, 2010

I feel that we need to pay attention to the behavior of President Obama and members of his administration as well as his cheer leading squads aka the MSM.  Now that the gulf oil spill is growing minute by minute into the greatest environmental disaster in the history of our country, the circular firing squad will begin.

We are already beginning to see it –

it looks like the ‘thrill is gone’ or getting ready to go?  we have Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman of MSNBC tearing down their ‘Anointed One’ right after Obama’s Oval Office oil/flop speech –

Neal Boortz posted this on June 1, 2010

And this is something the media won’t be all that interested in explaining to you. We are now calling this Deepwater Horizon spill the greatest ecological disaster ever to hit the United States. It’s a disaster all right, but not quite the disaster with the potential long-term consequences of electing a fool like Barack Obama to be our president. Anyway .. I digress …

Why do you think they called this vessel the Deepwater Horizon? Well, that would be because it operated in deep water. And why was that? That would be because the radical environmental movement – now a Marxist movement – determined that no further drilling should be allowed in the shallower waters of the Gulf. This forced the oil companies far offshore to the deeper waters. If this accident had happened in 500 feet of water, instead of 5000, it would have been taken care of long before now. In fact, it might well have never happened in the first place.

Just something to ponder.


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