America Demands An Answer Mr. Obama – Why The Six-Month Moratorium On American Deep Water Drilling While You Loan 2 Billion To Petrobras/Soros For Offshore Exploration In Brazil?

President Obama welcomes President of Brazil, Lula Da Silva, to the White House

Something Is Wrong

President Obama placed a six-month moratorium on deep water drilling in 33 wells in the Gulf Coast under the guise of concern for the safety of the workers and the environment.

He said that he was angry and frustrated at the BP oil spill.

He said that he has committed his administration to tougher regulations in addition to the six-month ban on deep water drilling.

In addition to the tougher regulations and the six-month suspension in the Gulf Coast area, he also announced a hold on planned oil exploration off the coast of Alaska, the cancellation of a scheduled August lease sale in the western gulf and the scrubbing of a proposed lease sale off the Virginia coast.

He convened a panel of experts through his Department of Interior to advise him on the best way to address the BP oil spill disaster.  Ken Salazar, who is the Secretary of DOI, presented a report on May 27, to Obama, listing his recommendations to Obama which included a 6-month moratorium on all ongoing drilling in waters deeper that 500 feet!



The angry panel members said they had only reviewed an early version of Salazar’s report to Mr. Obama and that version suggested a 6-moratorium only on new drilling and then only drilling in waters deeper than 1000 feet!

A joint letter from the panelists to certain politicians says, “We do not agree with the blanket six-month moratorium on floating drilling!  A moratorium was added after the final review and was never agreed to by the contributors.”

Kendra Barkoff, an Interior Department spokeswoman, said, “We acknowledge that they were not asked to review the proposed moratorium and that they peer-reviewed the report on a technical basis.  The moratorium is based on the need for a comprehensive review of safety in deep water drilling in view of  the BP oil spill.”

“A blanket moratorium is not the answer,” the letter says.”We do not believe punishing the innocent is the right thing to do.”

Bob Bea, engineering professor, at University of California at Berkeley, is one of the panelists who signed the letter.

Bob Bea is an engineering professor at the University of California at Berkeley.

Professor Bea said in an email message, “Moratorium was not part of the … report we consulted-advised-reviewed.  Word from the Department of Interior was it was a White House request.”

Seven reviewers for Secretary Salazar’s safety report to President Obama were provided by The National Academy of Engineering, Ken Arnold, an oil and gas industry consultant, wrote a scathing cover letter Tuesday that concludes:  “The Secretary should be free to recommend whatever he thinks is correct, but he should not be free to use our names to justify his political decisions.”

E.G. “Skip” Ward, associate director of the Offshore Technology Research Center at Texas A&M University, said, “We were very upset.  We would have understood if Secy Salazar’s report said, ‘These are good recommendations from the panel, but we have decided to declare a six-month moratorium instead.’  But instead, they’re kind of using our input for cover to do something that didn’t have much to do with our recommendations.”


They don’t care who gets used or hurt in their quest to do whatever they want and what they want to do is destroy the America that most of us love.

Do you think it’s an accident that Obama is willing to suspend oil exploration in our nation which will devastate many lives while he sends Petrobras in Brazil 2 billion to increase exploration there??  I say NO!

Wake Up America!  Obama is using our Constitution for toilet paper!

posted by rightthingtodo June 23, 2010
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David Hammer, The Times-Picayune


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