Israelis Overwhelmingly Agree With Bibi

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The Obama Administration has invested a great deal in trying to create the impression that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s policies do not represent the will of the Israeli public. When Obama insulted Netanyahu in the White House he probably thought that a majority of Israelis would approve of his actions. In one respect, it is understandable that Obama reached this conclusion. After all, his “Jewish Advisers”, Emanuel, Axelrod, and J Street continuously tell him that Netanyahu represents an extreme right-wing constituency among Israelis.

Well, this has been a mis-reading of the will of the Jewish people, especially those living in Israel.

A respected poll, conducted after the boarding of the flotilla ship, quantifies overwhelming Israeli support for Netanyahu’s policies. On a personal level, Netanyahu’s positives rating have climbed to 53% while dissatisfaction with President Obama has soared to 71%. In addition, 63% are dissatisfied with the Obama administration’s response to the flotilla.

And if anyone doubts that Israelis are determined to defend their country check out the response to a question about how Israel should react to an aid ship that the Iranians are threatening to sponsor: 84% would stop them at any cost. Just 7% would let them go quietly.

On related issues, like lifting the Gaza blockade and submitting to an international inquiry there is majority sentiment against these and other compromising proposals.

The pollster also noted that he had never seen such intensity among Israeli citizens. These positions are not lightly held.

The poll was conducted by Pechter Middle East Polls

posted by rightthingtodo  June 24, 2010

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