Stop Eleana Kagan! NOW!!

Many Americans who voted for Barack Obama did not expect the kind of change he is bringing to America.  They have buyer’s remorse now.  We must remember …

There are consequences to elections – Like This!

and if course, This

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (Solicitor General Kagan lost!)

hat tip: YID With LID

Citizens United v Federal Election Commission, was a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court holding that corporate funding of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited under the First Amendment. The 5–4 decision resulted from a dispute over whether the non-profit corporation Citizens United could air via video on demand a critical film about Hillary Clinton, and whether the group could advertise the film in broadcast ads featuring Clinton’s image, in apparent violation of the McCain–Feingold Act. It was a major victory for the free speech rights guaranteed by the first Amendment.

Arguing for the Law to remain as is was Solicitor General, and now nominee to the Supreme Court Elena Kagen. In the video below, we hear Kagen being questioned by the court, asking if the bill could lead to banning other media, like Books, here answer was that yes but that’s OK but we would never really enforce it.  Justice Scalia puts her in her place, basically saying, never believe a lawyer who says “trust me.”

Call the following Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and demand that they vote NO AND FILIBUSTER Eleana Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  She is not fit to serve.

Jeff Sessions
Ranking Member, R-Alabama  (202)224-4124

Orrin G. Hatch
R-Utah (202)224-5251

Chuck Grassley
R-Iowa  (202)224-3744

Jon Kyl
R-Arizona (202)224-4521

Lindsey Graham
R-South Carolina (202)224-5972

John Cornyn
R-Texas (202)224-2934

Tom Coburn
R-Oklahoma (202)224-5754

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