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A 2-Minute Warning From Chuck Colson, One Of The Founders Of The Manhattan Declaration

On the eve of this 234th birthday of our great nation, we receive a 2-minute warning from one of the founders of The Manhattan Declaration and also, the founder of Prison Ministries.

For those of you who are too young to remember Mr. Colson, he is a Christian leader, cultural commentator, and author of at least 20 books, including several that have been recognized with ECPA Christian Book Awards. As former Special Counsel for President Richard Nixon[1] He was commonly named as one of the Watergate Seven, but was never charged with, or prosecuted for, any crime related to the Watergate break-in or its cover-up, although he did plead guilty to obstruction of justice in another case.[2] He converted to Christianity in 1973, and the following year served seven months of a one-to-three year sentence in Alabama’s Maxwell Prison from 1969 to 1973, he is noted for being the first member of the Nixon administration to be incarcerated for Watergate-related charges.

Here is his warning!

Urgent Alert
Dear Friends:This is an urgent alert.

You need to know about what may be one of the gravest, most insidious threats to religious freedom I’ve seen in my lifetime: What may be an attempt, at the very highest levels of government, to RE-DEFINE the very meaning of religious freedom, from “free exercise” to merely private worship.

If what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a speech at Georgetown University reflects a new direction in government policy, then mark my words, our religious liberties are in peril.

Please, watch this video. Study carefully the play on words; words matter.

Share this with friends. Blog about it. It’s time to expose this outrageous and dangerous assault on religious freedom.

We cannot be asleep at our posts while we still have the freedom to speak out.

Chuck Colson


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Celebrate America! Stars And Stripes Forever!

America Is The Greatest Country On The Face Of The Earth!!

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Bill Clinton Speaks About Senator Byrd’s Association With Segregation And Racism

What do you think about President Clinton’s remarks?  “There are no perfect people.”  Interesting words by Bill Clinton – who knows a little something about imperfection.

Senator Byrd had once been a racist, pure and simple.  An awful way to live.  He has paid the ultimate price now, for that sin.  If he asked God for forgiveness and sincerely meant it, then he received it and is now with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Clinton was right about one thing and that is, ‘there are no perfect people.’  There is only 1 -His name is Jesus Christ.  Christ forgives all who sincerely asks for forgiveness.  As for me, I sincerely asked Him to forgive my sins and I gave my life to Him.  He forgave me. I’d like to think He has forgiven Senator Byrd also, that is, if the senator sincerely asked for forgiveness.

That’s called the Gospel of Jesus Christ – Jesus died to pay for all of our sins.  Have you asked Him to forgive yours?  He will because He loves you.

posted by rightthingtodo on July 3, 2010
(a sinner saved by grace)

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Day 75 Of Obama’s Gulf Oil Spill – July 3, 20101

Flying Over The Oil Spill

July 2, 2010 – 4:19 PM | by: Rick Leventhal

There are 13,000 people in Louisiana alone working on the containment and cleanup of the Gulf oil spill, a massive operation being coordinated and supervised by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Fox News flew on a Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter early Friday with the Deputy Incident Commander in charge of overseeing those operations, Commander Nathan Knapp, surveying the Deepwater Horizon site for the first time since the fringe effects of Hurricane Alex turned the seas and skies rough and grounded many of the ships and aircraft involved.

There is very little oil visible close to shore, much of it churned by rough seas over the past few days.  About 25 miles out, halfway from the coast to the spill zone, large areas of oily sheen appear, thinner layers not suitable for skimming.  Then, just inside 20 miles from the source, the Gulf’s blue waters turn black.  It’s truly an oil slick, thicker and darker as the helicopter roars closer to the busted rig.

There are pools of metallic rainbow colors in the thick crude which appears remarkably thick.  The Commander says it’s “very skimmable” but there are no skimmers at work.  They were grounded by the 8-10 foot swells and are slow moving vessels, on their way back now and scheduled to resume work when they reach the zone.

Then the Deepwater Horizon site comes into view, and it’s stunning.  Raw, powerful, amazing and awful at the same time, almost apocalyptic with the black seas and stench of oil and heat from the two massive flames burning 9,000 barrels of captured crude each day.  A dozen large ships ring the area, including the Q4000 and Enterprise, helping to contain and capture the oil 5000 feet below.  The Helix Producer is anchored there too but its equipment that’s supposed to double the containment capacity to more than 53,000 barrels a day hasn’t been hooked up yet.

We circle the site several times.  Everyone on board takes pictures.

I ask the Commander if what he sees upsets him.

“It does in a personal sense but in a professional sense I’m encouraged by what we’re doing at the source” he says.  “I’m encouraged by the effort we’re giving it, despite what’s been said.  We have the largest response to an oil release ever going on right now.”

It’s a layered effort, trying to contain the oil at the leak, burning some of it, skimming it in deep waters and closer to shore, stopping and collecting it with boom and absorbent materials or redirecting it towards specific areas where it can be captured or cleaning it up when it hits shore.

Of course the best way to battle the spill is to stop it at it’s source, but that’s something no one seems able to do yet.

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CNN’s Jack Cafferty Makes Predictions Of Obama’s Amnesty Speech The Day Before

Jack Cafferty makes predictions of Obama’s immigration speech scheduled for Thursday, July 1, 2010. Jack, of CNN’s “Cafferty Files”, predicts “Expect more of the same…which is..nothing.” How can you call for immigration reform if you don’t seal the border first? – A very good question raised by Jack and many of his viewers (and most Americans).
So far, Obama has only sent 524 National Guard troops to Arizona, while Gov. Jan Brewer had asked for 3,000. Hardly enough to make a dent in Arizona’s growing problem of illegal immigration. The state of Texas only received 250 troops.
60% of Americans want our border secured and the illegals deported. “What most Americans want, doesn’t seem to matter much, does it?,” says Cafferty.


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