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Obama Film To Hit Indonesia Screens

Filmmaker of movie about Obama’s Indonesian youth drops scene of him praying toward Mecca

this from Jihad Watch-

He apparently did pray toward Mecca, but Dematra says it was meaningless, and that to have included such a scene in the film would have been misleading. Very well. Nonetheless, the full breadth of Obama’s pro-Islam and essentially pro-jihad policies since he took office is startling. See the long list at the end of this article, and get the full story in The Post-American Presidency.

“Filmmaker Damien Dematra On Obama’s Young Life In Indonesia,” by Christopher Shay in Time, July 1 (thanks to da):

Damien Dematra stands beside a portrait of 12-year-old American actor Hasan Faruq Ali, who plays a young Barack Obama in the Indonesian film Obama the Menteng Kid, which Dematra co-directed, on June 30, 2010 ROMEO GACAD / AFP / Getty Images

While Damien Dematra, an Indonesian artist, has penned at least 60 books, produced 27 films and once painted 365 paintings over the span of a year, it’s his most recent work that’s made the most headlines. Two books and a movie that he wrote and co-directed (which debuted June 30), are about Barack Obama’s childhood in Indonesia. Obama Anak Menteng, or Obama the Menteng Kid, may be a fictionalized account, but it’s grounded in Dematra’s real reporting. The film explores just one year, 1970, of Obama’s past, which the filmmaker says played an important role in forming the 44th president’s character. Originally, the movie was to open in Indonesia in conjunction with Obama’s visit there. And though he’s had to postpone that visit several times, starting this week, Indonesians will be able to get a peek of their “Little Barry.” A few hours before the big premiere, Dematra spoke to TIME about the film. Having researched Obama’s young years, what do you think he learned from his time in Indonesia?

He learned a lot. I also wrote a book published this month called Obama Dari Asisi about his time [at the St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Elementary School]. That period is really different. In Assisi, he was educated for almost three years. In the Menteng school, which is a state school, he was educated with a Muslim influence. He learned that religion is alright and that it’s fine to be different. A lot of people now consider him an icon of pluralism. Thank Indonesia for that.

How close is the movie and the book to Obama’s real childhood in Indonesia

I interviewed around 30 people to make the novel, and so there are plenty of dots. I used my expertise as a writer to connect all the dots. It’s around 60 percent facts and 40 percent fiction. […]

You decided not to film a scene of the young Obama praying toward Mecca. Why did you make that choice?

It’s in the book. They were trying to use it as a political weapon against the president. It’s not that the president needs to be defended, but they were taking this scene out of context. In the book, while at Assisi, he was always trying to blend in. He went to the priest and tried to grab the bread for Catholic mass. He asks for the bread but he’s not eligible. And in Menteng Shool, when he saw his friends praying in a small mosque inside the school, he borrowed a sarong from his friends. He was trying to imitate his friends, but his sarong kept falling down. His friends couldn’t pray at the time because they were laughing. Every time he stood up his sarong fell off. He was not used to it, not used to the praying. He was just a kid who wanted to blend in. He tried to imitate whatever his friends tried to do. When he saw people praying in a Church, he tried the same thing. People want to take the scene out of context and want to use it as evidence that he’s a Muslim. That’s just not fair….

Big Hollywood

has this –

‘Little Obama’: Indonesian Film Portrays Obama’s Early Years

The movie, produced by Multivision Plus, Indonesia’s largest production company, will premiere in Indonesia on June 17, the week of Obama’s anticipated visit to the country. The president postponed a planned visit in March to push through health care legislation.

Indonesia Little Obama

The film tells the story of Obama’s childhood in Jakarta, where he lived with his mother and Indonesian stepfather from age 6 to 10.

“It’s about his friendships, his hobbies, just a childhood story,” said screenwriter and co-director Damien Dematra. “It’s not about politics, it’s just the story of a boy.” …

The movie set is a colonial-era house on the outskirts of Bandung, a city famed for its colonial architecture amid lush hilltops about 110 miles (180 kilometers) southeast of Jakarta.

Directors John de Rantau and Dematra chose the city because it resembles Jakarta in the 1970s. Obama’s old home in the Jakarta neighborhood of Menteng is now surrounded by tall apartment blocks and is too urban.

The movie is taken from Dematra’s book “Obama Anak Menteng”—”Obama, the Menteng Kid”—a fictionalized biography based on interviews with about 30 old friends and neighbors. It is the first in a planned trilogy about Obama in Indonesia. The second book is to focus on his education at a Catholic school and the third on his relationship with his mother.

Indonesia Little Obama

Dematra said he was a Hillary Rodham Clinton fan until he researched Obama.

“I just felt that this guy is an extraordinary person,” Dematra said. “The reason I’m doing this is I want people around the world to know that Obama can become who he is because of his background in Indonesia. The different religions and races, the pressures that he had. I want the film to inspire people.”

Can anyone tell the American public where the Hawaiian years are??

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Celebrate America! From West Side Story – America

Happy 234th Birthday America!!

The Greatest Country On The Face Of The Earth!

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