Day 77 – Obama’s Gulf Oil Spill (Media Coverage Restricted!)

No one is able to obtain a first-hand up close and personal look at what is going on with the booms  beyond the allowed distance of 65 feet! THESE ARE NOW THE ORDERS OF THE OBAMA GOVERNMENT! That is why you will not see any shots of the devastated pelicans and other wild life on this blog or any other blog. They are drenched in oil.

Obama should be ashamed of his behavior but he’s not.  How long will we allow him to go un-checked!

Mild-mannered Anderson Cooper has transformed into a ranting frustrated reporter because of the restrictions placed on his and other television crews in the gulf region.  It’s interesting how his terminology changed from DAY 37 in the Gulf Region to DAY 76.

Watch two recent interviews  he did – first with James Carville (The Madman of Louisiana), on DAY 37 and next with two local parish presidents, Billy Nungesser and Craig Tafarro, Jr. on DAY 76 – it’s like DAY and NIGHT!

and now this next interview the day before the 4th of July

Shocking information about the skimmers revealed by Plaquemines parish president, Billy Nungesser.

Impeach Obama!

posted by rightthingtodo on July 5, 2010

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