Alert – Rod Blagojevich Is Being Denied A Fair Trial In Chicago Swamp

I am posting this because I live in the swamp/Chicago and a lot of us know this is true.  This is posted on Lame Cherry.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rod Blagojevich: Denied a fair Trial

Two very good Lady Journalists in the Chicago Sun Times are not receiving the credit they deserve in being the Woodward and Bernstein of Barack Hussein Obama’s Watergate in the Rod Blagojevich Trial or the Rod Blagojevich Political Prisoner Trial.

For this reason, this blog is going to champion these two American Journalists in Natasha Korecki and Sarah Ostman, because liberals will never award them Pulitzers nor Obama Nobel Prizes for exposing that Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of the very things in triple that Rod Blagojevich is on trial for.
Alas if this was George W. Bush, these two Ladies would be quoted in the New York Times, on 60 Minutes, the darlings of the Pelosi Congress in testimony with million dollar book deals, but when it comes to Obama, it is hear, see and say no evil in ignoring these two Journalists.

We now have absolute proof that Rod Blagojevich is being denied a fair trial. We now know that the Judge overseeing this case is corrupt and working for Barack Hussein Obama.

We know this for certain in the Judge denied Mr. Blagojevich the right to subpoena his accuser and co conspirator in B. Hussein Obama, stating “no proof” Obama was involved in this.

We know this is a farce from the Judge as top union arm twister Tom Balanoff testified in Federal Court on June 29th, that Obama was pursuing Balanoff to get Blagojevich to appoint Val-erie Jarrett AS SHE WANTED THE ILLINOIS SENATE SEAT.

Balanoff actually blew Obama off and made Obama phone him again the day before the election and Obama bowed and made the call, begging Balanoff to do the dirty work in getting Jarrett appointed.

Note in this, that Rod Blagojevich was minding his own business making Senate seat deals within the state, and it is was Obama who initiated the crime.
Obama contacted the union arm twister, Obama got Balanoff to go to Blagojevich and Obama was not offering one thing to Blagojevich for this “favor”. In fact, Blagojevich wanted very much to be in the health care cabinet post and was blown off in the request.

So the Governor went back to the in-state negotiations. It was at this point that we know that Obama sent Emanuel to pressure the deal again, that someone in Justice warned off Emanuel as the quid pro quo was being recorded by the FBI, and when Obama did not get his way, it was Obama’s budding thug regime in the same cast who ruined John Edwards and Lawrence Sinclair in smearing them, which was unleashed via Patrick Fitzgerald to punish Blagojevich.

With Obama’s name popping up non stop in these quid pro quo deals, and Obama now exposed that he was the instigator of this crime, the Judge James Zagel still could not see the Obama connection when Obama was coming out of Balanoff’s testimony like Gulf tar balls, and then Judge Zagel stopped questioning, which denies Rod Blagojevich a fair trial.

This entire Blagojevich trial is the smarmiest in OJ Simpson terms in American history. Rod Blagojevich does not make it smarmy, but it is Obama, Zagel and Fitzgerald who made this pure slime and a miscarriage of Justice.

Barack Hussein Obama has now been exposed as a crook, for the very things Patrick Fitzgerald indicted Rod Blagojevich is on trial for, and the Judge does not hand down a warrant to apprehend Mr. Obama, no he protects Obama again and stops Rod Blagojevich from having the Jury comprehend the hypocrisy in this that Obama gets away with crimes which he was enticing Rod Blagojevich to commit.

If it was not for Ms. Korecki and Ms. Ostman, the world would have no idea of the mock trial taking place in Illinois nor the direct connection now of B. Hussein Obama to felony crimes.

The Rod Blagojevich trial is a sham. The real criminals and now the real crimes are being committed in the trial as Rod Blagojevich fights for his freedom for Constitutional Rights of a fair trial.

Two women in this age are reporting the truth. They will not receive awards, but receive credit here from an appreciative American Citizenry.

The reason this matters is when Obama comes for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and marks them in Hutatree smears and Rod Blagojevich crimes, they might have the money to fight their way out, but what happens when Obama does this to you by Patrick Fitzgerald?

It didn’t save Scooter Libby and what happens when your Judge denies you a fair trial in suppressing evidence?

That is why this trial matters and why denying a fair trial for Rod Blagojevich should be the utmost of crimes Obama is not going to be allowed to get away with.


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