Bibi’s Back

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

This from Gary Bauer

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was back at the White House yesterday, and what a contrast to his last visit. When Netanyahu last visited Washington, he was treated more like the illegitimate leader of a pariah state. He was denied the traditional protocols of an official visit and told not to speak to the media. Obama even refused to have his picture taken with Netanyahu.

This time the White House rolled out the red carpet as Obama tried his best to reverse course, saying that he’s always trusted Prime Minister Netanyahu and denying reports of a growing rift between Israel and the United States. When pressed by an Israeli reporter why he has distanced himself from Israel, the president responded, “The premise of your question was wrong.” He then added, “If you look at every public statement I have made it has been a constant reaffirmation of the special relationship between the United States and Israel.”

Many experts, however, are unconvinced that yesterday’s meeting represents a sincere change of heart by this White House. Today’s Wall Street Journal editorial took issue with the president’s remarks. It stated, “Note the lawyerly use of the word ‘public.’ The reality is nearly the opposite…”

The Journal then noted how Hillary Clinton had rejected agreements with Israel negotiated by the Bush Administration; how the administration backed an absurd U.N. resolution on nuclear disarmament that targeted Israel, while ignoring Iran; and how “the White House reacted with bullying fury to the news” that a municipal zoning board had approved the construction of new homes in Jerusalem.


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