Day 81 Of Obama’s Gulf Coast Oil Spill – Reporters Still Under Obama Gov’t Restriction

The Obama government still has all reporters under restriction of not going beyond 65 ft of responding vessels and booms in the gulf coast.. .as Anderson Cooper put it, “We are not the enemy”!

Apparently, they don’t want us to see more scenes like this …

A nightmare.

Gulf Oil Spill Day 81: Relief Well Timing Depends on Oil’s Spread

Posted: // July 9, 2010 05:25 AM

THEODORE, Ala. – The leader of the oil spill relief effort says it’s possible a well being drilled to contain the gusher in the Gulf could be completed ahead of schedule. But a lot of things would have to go right.

National Incident Commander Thad Allen said Thursday in Theodore that crews expect to reach the existing well and drill into its outer casing in seven to 10 days. If the oil is coming up through all the different rings of the well, then it will likely take until the middle of August to stop the flow with mud and cement. If it’s only coming up the well’s center pipe, it could be sooner.

BP spokesman Scott Dean says late July has been suggested as an ideal completion time, but a single major storm is enough to cause delays. That’s why the company is sticking with mid-August.

Court rejects US bid to keep drilling moratorium

A federal appeals court has rejected the U.S. government’s effort to keep a six-month deepwater drilling moratorium in place. A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled soon after a Thursday afternoon hearing in a lawsuit filed by companies that oppose the drilling ban.

The Interior Department said the moratorium was necessary while it studied deepwater drilling risks in the wake of the BP oil spill. The moratorium was previously struck down by a lower court on June 22.

The appeals court ruling found that the Interior Department failed to show the federal government would suffer “irreparable injury” if the ban isn’t restored while it appeals the lower court’s decision.

Forecast for Gulf impacting spill containment plan

Rough weather forecasts in the Gulf of Mexico could force BP and Obama administration officials to speed up plans to connect a third containment vessel to the blown-out undersea oil well.

Workers had planned to replace the current “top cap” with a “sealing cap” first, then connect a containment vessel that could collect 25,000 barrels of oil per day. Officials are now considering a plan to replace the cap and hook up the containment vessel simultaneously.The would temporarily decrease the amount of oil being contained.


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