We Don’t Need This Now Because We Don’t Have Another Dr. King

Shamir Shabazz

This has to be the dumbest thing on the earth.  It is 2010 and America has her first president of color and look how the New Black Panther Party celebrates the achievement:

The question is – why did Obama’s Department of Justice drop the case against this gentleman?  It is so clear what happened at that polling place in Pennsylvania back in 2008.  This man, King Samir Shabazz and his partner, Jerry Jackson, were intimidating voters.  A definite federal offense.

When J. Christian Adams, former DOJ attorney, came forth and made allegations that a ‘slam dunk’ case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party of Pennsylvania, was ordered to be dropped by the Justice Department, this opened a whole new can of worms.

Watch as Megyn Kelly interviews former Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney J. Christian Adams, who resigned in protest and turned whistle blower after high-level political appointees dismissed a case against the Black Panther Party and some of its members accused of voter intimidation against Whites in Philadelphia.

Part 1

Part 2

All of this is chilling to me – and should be chilling to you as well.  Here is the last part of Megyn’s coverage of this scandal.  She talks with Bartle Bull, a longtime civil rights attorney and former Department of Justice attorney, who worked for Senator Robert Kennedy.  He himself is a life time Democrat who did not vote for President Obama because he thinks Obama is a hustler.

Part 3

If all of this is true we are in more trouble than we thought.  People died for the right to vote.  For the first president of color to have his Department of Justice tainted with this sort of scandal is heartbreaking.  The reason Obama is in office today is because the blood, sweat and tears of those who came before him bear witness to the struggle.  People of all colors joined hands to fight the injustice of discrimination and voter intimidation.  I was one of them.

God bless America.

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