“Turning The Tide”

This was sent to me by Gary Bauer American Values

I am sharing it with all of you because it can help us in the coming days, especially, with the mid-term elections just a hundred days or more away.  Charles Stanley is a wonderful teacher and Christian leader.  I read his books and devotionals.  I hope you like this:

“Turning The Tide”

My friends, I’m very encouraged today. I just watched an incredible sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley that has renewed my hope – hope that we can change America! On Sunday, July 4th, Dr. Stanley delivered a powerful sermon called “Turning the Tide.” It was not your usual Sunday sermon.

Dr. Stanley used the occasion of Independence Day to speak to his congregation about the many crises our country faces. Dr. Stanley tackled the budget crisis and the Gulf oil spill. He spoke bluntly about abortion, traditional marriage and the growing threat to religious liberty. He talked about the need to stand with Israel, and Dr. Stanley spoke out strongly against socialism. Like an Old Testament prophet, he left no stone unturned as he called the nation back to righteousness.

I know many pastors address moral issues, but not many will get out of their comfort zone and tackle socialism or the budget from the pulpit. Few will “connect the dots,” as Stanley did, and speak to what it all means for America’s future.

I encourage each of you to watch Dr. Stanley’s July 4th sermon. (a note:  after you click on the July 4th sermon, look to the left column and click on VIDEO ARCHIVES to choose “Turning The Tide”) and share it with friends and family members. And please share it with your pastor and encourage him to speak up as boldly as Dr. Stanley has.

American Values is also pleased to offer an additional resource for pastors or those who would like to encourage their pastor to speak more boldly. We have a number of booklets entitled “Pastors, Pulpits & Politics” written by the attorneys at the Western Center for Law and Policy. As the title suggests, the booklet is an excellent guide for pastors who want to speak up within the framework of the law. Click here to request a copy. (Be certain to provide your physical mailing address in the e-mail.) Or you can call our office at 703-671-9700.

*Pastors were instrumental in America’s founding. The Church has long been a pillar of strength in our society. We need their leadership in turning the tide and once again making America a shining city upon a hill.

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