Standing With Israel

Rescuing The American-Israeli Alliance

The first 18 months of the Obama Administration have not been good for Israel. Iran is 18 months closer to having nuclear weapons, and Obama officials have tilted U.S. policy toward the Muslim world at the expense of the U.S.-Israeli alliance. Meanwhile, a new left-wing group called J-Street, allegedly funded by George Soros, claims to be pro-Israel, but takes the side of Israel’s worst critics in virtually every confrontation.

Fortunately, help is on the way! Pastor John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI) will bring thousands of pro-Israel activists to Washington next week for our fifth annual convention. One day will be devoted to visiting members of Congress. As one of the original founders of CUFI, I am excited to see this group continue to grow in support and influence. Go to to find out how you can be involved.

“Christians United For Israel is an excellent way to show your support to the State of Israel specifically and in general to the U.S./Israeli Alliance.  I have been a part of this event and recommend it to all of you who care about our relationship with Israel.

But that is not all. This week I joined Bill Kristol, conservative writer and intellectual Rachel Abrams and others to launch the Emergency Committee for Israel. Our goal is to challenge those in and out of government whose policies undermine Israel and the U.S.-Israeli alliance.

Here’s the best development – all the right people are condemning our efforts! When the news broke this week about the Emergency Committee, a bevy of left-wing Israel-bashers and Islamist apologists reacted with shock and horror. Verbal bombs started raining down on the Committee and its founders. The blogosphere erupted with attacks, many of them personal, on Bill Kristol, Rachel Abrams and me. Little did our opponents know that their screams of outrage were confirmation to us that we are engaged in a noble and needed enterprise. You can find out more at

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Power Line had this to say:

An ad that touches a nerve

July 14, 2010 Posted by Paul at 1:03 PM

The Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) is a new group whose missiion is “to educate the public about the serious challenges to Israel’s security and about what elected officials in this country are doing and should do in order to meet those challenges.” To that end, it has produced an ad that exposes the views of Rep. Joe Sestak, the Democratic candidate for the Senate in Pennsylvania, regarding the Middle East. The ad concludes by urging viewers to call Sestak and ask him to stand with Israel.

The ad created quite a stir on Joe Scarborough’s show this morning — a stir that confirms the need for an organization like ECI. The ad is a standard, but highly effective issue-advocacy attack piece. What’s different about it is that it pertains to Israel.

After showing the ad, Scarborough proclaims himself “afraid” that “Middle East politics is going to get in the middle” and “things are going to get very, very ugly.” Scarborough does not explain why the Middle East, unique among important issues, should not be the subject of unpleasant discussion during a political campagin.

Mike Allen of Politico takes a different approach. He informs the audience that ECI is the group of Bill Kristol and Gary Bauer. Scarborough repeats the point — “so this is Bill Kristol and Gary Bauer that are part of the group that’s funding these ads” — and makes it clear that he has no use for Kristol.

Next up is Mark Halperin who returns to Scarborough’s ridiculous talking point. Israel is going to be “politicized,” Halperin frets.

Things take a comic turn when Terry McAuliffe joins in. He expresses the idea that the others have been flirting with, but are too smart to state — that the ad somehow is “out of line.” McAuliffe can’t explain why; it has something to do with the music and the fact that the ad isn’t about jobs. McAuliffe, one of the least successful well-known political figures of my lifetime, concludes that the ad will backfire.

McAuliffe seems to bring the rest of the panel to its senses. Suddenly, the specter of Bill Kristol is lifted. Halperin admits that the ad is “issue based.” Scarborough notes that it uses Sestak’s own actions and statements. Allen concludes that the ad confirms how President Obama’s approach to Israel has created a political problem for Democrats.

He is right. The ad does and Obama has.

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