The Movie ‘Inception’ Joins Some Of The Most Iconic Films Of All Time

Christopher Nolan’s visionary “Inception,”which opened Friday (7/16/10), looks at a world in which our very sleeping moments are vulnerable to government (or other) snooping, whether our secrets are merely embarrassing or of extremely high value.

It’s a deliciously layered subject, which Nolan exploits in a story that, itself, is working on more than one level of consciousness.

This is Philip K. Dick territory – the world of shifting realities and seizing the reins of the reality you happen to be in. Or finding your way clear to the “real” reality. Whose reality exactly will that be?

Inception contains one of those overwhelming visual moments that become iconic – like that first shot of Darth Vader’s spaceship in the very first “Star Wars.”

It’s one of those moments where you recognize immediately that this is a movie trying something that hasn’t been done before.

In this case, it’s a simple shot set on a semi-vacant city street, as Leonardo DiCaprio explains life in the dream to a newcomer to his team, played by Ellen Page. She commands the world, he tells her – and to prove it, she literally folds the horizon in half, like closing a book over on top of the spot where they stand. It’s a stunning effect, dizzying in its scope and meaning.

“Inception” isn’t perfect. It’s probably a shade too long and repetitive (though, again, so are dreams). But it’s the best major release of the summer, the most fully imagined, dramatically enthralling piece of sci-fi movie-making since “The Matrix.”


How many movies can you identify by these iconic scenes?


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