Islam Rising … In The USA

Like a steady drum beat, Islam is making a move to dominate the world.  This is the goal of the Islam religion/ideology.  It is now happening in America.  The average everyday Muslim may not be a danger.  But radical leaders of Islam are advancing the cause of global domination. Islam is not simply a religion or a cult, but a system of life.  It has religious, legal, political, economic, social and military components.  When there are enough Muslims in an area to begin agitating for religious privileges, the process of ‘Islamization’ begins.  The process is gradual.  Eventually a culture comes to regard tolerance of Islamic religious practices as politically correct;  then the rest of Islam’s components begin creeping in.


This is a timely piece:

The Islamic War for the Future of the World

By Alan Caruba of Warning Signs

Muslims do not take kindly to criticism of any kind. Their solution, as often as not, is to kill anyone who criticizes them. Indeed, the Koran’s punishment for converting to another religion is death.

Islam’s primary weapon in recent decades has been terror. There are literally thousands of terrorist acts occurring throughout the world these days. 9/11 was the quintessential Muslim act of intimidation, but it was preceded and has been followed by many others.

In an act of political correctness and national suicide, Americans elected Barack Hussein Obama President in 2008. He has made no secret of his Muslim roots and beliefs. His very first television interview as President was with Al Arabia and, most recently, one of his appointees, Charles Bolton, the director of NASA claimed that he had been instructed to redirect that agency’s objectives to include a mission to the Muslim world.

Consider this, in 1952, President Truman established a National Day of Prayer and, in 1988, President Reagan designated the first Thursday in May each year as such. In June 2007 President Obama declared that the United States was not a Christian nation and this year he cancelled the 21st National Day of Prayer ceremony.

On September 25, 2009, there was a National Day of Prayer for Muslims that was held on Capitol Hill near the White House. There were more than 50,000 Muslims in attendance and as this is being written, Muslims are attempting to build a huge mosque within a block of Ground Zero in New York.

My friend, Amil Imani, born in Iran, an American citizen, has been courageously outspoken on the topic of Islam. Recently he published a book, “Obama Meets Ahmadinejad” that uses satire to reveal some fundamental truths about these two men. Ahmadinejad, of course, is the president of Iran and so hated there that crowds filled the streets of Tehran to protest. Iran is the classic Islamic nation that uses brutality and oppression against its own people.

Imani’s book has already been hailed by some of the leading voices warning against the Islamic threat to freedom and liberty. They include Robert Spencer, the author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades; Dr. Wafa Sultan, author of “A God Who Hates”; and Dr. Ali Sina, the author of “Understanding Muhammad and founder of Let me add my recommendation that you get a copy for yourself.

In his most recent commentary, posted July 14, “Islam Must Be Stopped in America”, Imani makes a powerful case for the ways Muslims are using America’s traditional tolerance to make inroads that would impose Islam on the nation. He ruthlessly exposes the lies that Islam is a “religion of peace” or that Muslims believe there is “no compulsion” to convert.

“The Muslims,” Imani wrote, “and their apologists quickly run out of their few cards, and the rest of the Islamic deck is all about intolerance, hatred and violence toward the infidels, toward all others who are not true Muslims, and even toward those who consider themselves Muslims. Shiites, for instance, judge the Sunnis as traitors to Islam, and Sunnis condemn the Shiites as heretics. Each side deems the other worthy of death.”

Infidels, all those who are not Muslim, can see the truth with their own eyes as they observe “the savage Shiite-Sunni bloodletting in Iraq; the genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region; the Somali killings; the Iranian mullah’s murder of their own people, and the support of mischief abroad; and the incessant terrorist acts of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad on Israel.” There are so many other examples that only fools would cling to the belief that Islam does not pose a threat to the world.

From the beginning of the Obama administration to the present, every effort was made to avoid identifying the enemy; most egregiously expunging any reference to “terrorism” from the language of its top officials including the Attorney General, the Director of the Department of Homeland Security, and a top national security advisor to the President, John Brennan, who has asserted that jihad does not mean war on the infidels. Tell that to 1.2 billion Muslims!

Americans have just over 900 more days of the Obama administration and the fate of the nation literally hangs in the balance until it is replaced.


Do We Know Who This Man Is?


Another good read:

H/t Fellowship of the Minds

Muslim Enclaves U.S.A.

By Ryan Mauro – Front Page – July 9, 2010

It seems almost unthinkable, but Islamist groups are, as we speak, hard at work creating Muslim states-within-states in the U.S. Indeed, this process has been unfolding for a long time across the Western world, through the creation of isolated Muslim enclaves in both rural and urban areas, as well as through the designation of “no-go zones” where governments admit to having little authority over Muslims living there, essentially leaving them to function as autonomous regions.

Daniel Pipes has tracked numerous examples since 2004 of Muslim groups working to create communities based solely on Islam and run by Sharia law. As discussed by David Kennedy Houck in 2006, “Although such concepts are antithetical to a free society, U.S. democracy allows the internal enclave to function beyond the established boundaries of our constitutional framework.”

For example, one such community, Gwynn Oak, has been created in Baltimore, Maryland, consisting of Muslim immigrants and African-American converts. The project is led by John Yahya Cason, director of the Islamic Education and Community Development Initiative. Cason explained that the neighborhood is a response to the problem that “Muslim communities are ruled by Western societal tenets, many of which clash with Islamic norms.” In his opinion, there is a need for communities with “the totality of the essential components of Muslim social, economic, and political structure.” As such, the Gwynn Oak enclave follows specific moral rules based on Islam and people there speak Arabic. On September 13, 2009, the construction of its three-story mosque began. Approximately 400 Muslims now live in the vicinity.

Another example involves the Islamic Center for Human Excellence, which receives funding from the United Arab Emirates. In August 2004, it was granted permission to build a Muslim neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas, complete with a mosque, school, and 22 homes; it would not allow the presence of alcohol. The goal was for Muslims to find an area to escape the alleged crime and depravity of American life, although the imam behind the effort said that non-Muslims are welcome to join.

Far more radical groups than these are now taking the lead in promoting and creating Islamic enclaves on U.S. soil.

One such organization is As-Sabiqun, headed by Imam Abdul Alim Musa, who is very honest about his disturbing objectives. The group’s website calls for installing Islamic law worldwide, fighting for “oppressed” Muslims, and “build[ing] model communities where Islam is lived.” The website contains a point-by-point plan to assemble mini-states in America, beginning with the construction of a mosque and finishing with “establishing geographical integrity by encouraging Muslims of the community to live in close proximity to the masjid [mosque]” and “establishing social welfare institutions.”

The ideology espoused by Musa and As-Sabiqun is undeniably radical. The website boasts about Musa’s early endorsement of Ayatollah Khomeini and the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. It also is unafraid to say that As-Sabiqun members follow people like Hasan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood; Maulana Mawdudi, who called on Muslims to wage jihad until Sharia law is in place over the globe; and Sayyid Qutb, the Muslim Brotherhood member whose preaching inspired Osama bin Laden. Musa himself has argued that the CIA and Israel were behind the 9/11 attacks. He has admitted that he “like[s]” bin Laden, calls Hezbollah “a great organization,” and says Hamas members are “very nice people.”

Muslims of the Americas, led by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani in Pakistan, is a very similar group with very similar aims, though its focus is more rural than urban. It admits to owning at least 22 “villages” around the country that are dozens of acres large and operate under names like “Islamberg,” “Holy Islamville,” and “Aliville.” These Muslim-only lands are open to outsiders solely during planned outreach events and sometimes to journalists.

This group has received considerable media attention due to allegations that its isolated compounds are used for paramilitary training, an accusation bolstered by a videotape released by the Christian Action Network. On that tape, a speaker is seen declaring the U.S. a Muslim country and pledging that Muslims of the Americas will defend American Muslims from foreign and domestic enemies.

The ideology of Muslims of the Americas is comparable to that of As-Sabiqun, although it is more centered on following Gilani as a representative of God who is capable of creating miracles. Gilani is very anti-Semitic, describingcalls bin Laden a “Saudi activist,” while claiming to meet with Jesus and personally to have introduced the Mahdi to a select few. Jews as “an example of human Satans”; like Musa, he insists that a Jewish-Zionist conspiracy is behind the attacks of September 11, 2001, and other schemes to harm Muslims. He calls bin Laden a “Saudi activist,” while claiming to meet with Jesus and personally to have introduced the Mahdi to a select few.

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