‘We Are Judeo Christian, Period!’ Opposes Ground Zero Mega Mosque!

Every city in America should be filled with protesters against this offense.  Let us not lose our moral outrage.  We will kill the Ground Zero Mosque with God’s help.  I speak of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

This from One Jerusalem


Who’s Behind the 9-11 Mosque?

Today, pollster Scott Rasmussen reports that Americans are angry because elected officials ignore their strongly held feelings: On the Federal level this has included issues ranging from Obamacare to the mistreatment of Israel. The Obama Administration and most congressional Democrats rammed through legislation that is diametrically opposed by a majority of Americans.

A similar drama is playing itself out in New York. Mayor Bloomberg, Attorney General Cuomo, members of the City Council have all come out in support of a massive mosque complex within the shadow of Ground Zero. Polls show that a majority of New Yorkers oppose this project even before they know all the facts about the nefarious dealings of the Mosque’s sponsors.

There are many legitimate reasons why this mosque and cultural center should not be built on this site or anywhere in the vicinity of Ground Zero. The slaughter perpetrated by Muslims on 9-11 is the primary reason why it is a bad idea to build an Islamic shrine (as its sponsors say) to the victims of this horrendous attacks. The same rule should go into effect if the Japanese wanted to build a Shinto shrine in Pearl Harbor. This does not mean that we feel that all Japanese are responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor. But it would be in bad taste, a slap in the face of the victims, and it should be noted that the Japanese never thought of doing such a shameless act.

But unlike the Japanese, these Muslims, including representatives of the radical regime in Iran have been trying to build a mosque near Ground Zero since 2003.  Their stated reasons of expressions of goodwill are bogus.

Stephen Schwartz has lifted the veil of moderation being worn by the mosques leaders and supporters. He has published them in the Weekly Standard. We urge you to read A Mosque Grows Near Brooklyn. Below we excerpt some the facts reported by Mr. Schwartz.

Schwartz, an expert on radical Islam, describes the Imam Rauf, “Every inch the professional moderate..” Then goes on to state that Rauf refuses to recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization, his “leading role in the Perdana Global Peace Organization, (in Rauf’s words) “a principal partner” to the Turkish flotilla against Israel. Perdana is headed by the Jew-baiter former prime minister of Malaysia.

In addition, Rauf continues to have relations with radical Iranians and an associate of the pro-Hamas chief of the anti-Israel Arab League.

Schwartz also shines a spotlight on Rauf’s radical wife.

Schwartz sides with Rick Lazio, Congressman Peter King, and former Governor George Pataki, who all oppose the mosque. And he believes that there should be “full public disclosure of its backing and finances.”

Have you signed the anti-mosque petition? Have you asked others to do so?

Time is running out. Do so today.

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