Christians Being Targeted Near Dearborn, MI?

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A Chilling Warning To Churches

After reporting on the Ground Zero mega-mosque last week, I received a disturbing e-mail from a supporter in Michigan. Evidently, the FBI sent a warning letter to Oakland County churches last week warning them of “suspicious activity.” For those not familiar with Michigan’s geography, Oakland County is just north of Dearborn, often described as America’s most Muslim city. Here is an excerpt of the letter:

“Dear Worship Coordinator:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Oakland County Resident Agency, would like to bring to your attention suspicious activity occurring on several occasions over the last several months at Oakland County places of worship. Visitors to these places of worship have shown particular interest in the layout of the building; have questioned personnel as to where people congregate; when the worship center would be populated; and where Christians could be found in the building.”

That is a chilling warning from the FBI that suggests churches in Oakland County are possibly being cased. A FBI spokesman said there was no indication of a threat, but added, “We’re simply passing along information we received to area churches indicating that suspicious activity is going on, in an abundance of caution.”

This alert is very important because this is in the same vicinity of the Arab Festival incident where Christians were arrested for expressing their First Amendment Rights by passing out literature to the public.

We will continue to keep a watchful eye on these activities

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