DEAD IN THE SENATE! Yep, it appears that’s exactly what has happened to the Socialist Democrats DISCLOSE ACT.  Harry Reid will not get the monstrous anti-Free Speech bill passed before they go on summer break.

Latest updates>>> Snowe-No, Brown-No, Collins-No and even Feinstein-No!

Sen. Collins (R-ME)

The phrase most hated by Lefties in the Age of Obama is: Dead in the Senate. And it appears that the flagrantly anti-free Speech DISCLOSE Act may suffer a similar fate. From The Hill . Despite a hard-fought victory in the House, supporters of the Democratic Campaign Finance bill are now confronting a more dispiriting reality: the dwindling chances the Legislation will affect the fall Elections. Advocates of the Disclose Act have long pointed to July 4 as a deadline for enacting the law so…

On a conference call with reporters today, Sen. Chuck Schumer said he’s “working very hard on getting a Republican” to support his version of the campaign-finance reform bill known as the Disclose Act.  He added that “there are a number of possibilities.”

But with the measure slated for a Senate vote tomorrow, he can cross Sen. Susan Collins of Maine off his list of potential supporters.   Collins said through a spokesman this afternoon that she will not support the bill in its current form.

“The bill would provide a clear and unfair advantage to unions, while either shutting other organizations out of the election process or subjecting them to onerous reporting requirements that would not apply to unions,” Collins’ press secretary Kevin Kelley told ABC News.

“Senator Collins also believes that it is ironic that a bill aimed at curtailing special interests in the election process provides so many carve outs and exemptions that favor some grassroots organizations over others. This too is simply unfair.”

The Citizen’s United case held that Congress had violated corporations’ First Amendment free speech rights with the campaign finance laws. The Democrats, not content with allowing Americans to advocate against them, want to muzzle their political opponents with the DISCLOSE Act.

The bill has come under fire recently for carve-outs. In response to pressure from the NRA, House Democrats made an amendment last week to exempt organizations that have over 1 million members, have been in existence for at least a decade, and receive less than 15 percent of their funding from corporations.

House Minority Leader John Boehner said in a statement, “This bill would muzzle small businesses but protect labor unions…This is a backroom deal to shred our Constitution for raw, ugly, partisan gain.”

The Chamber of Commerce, which has been avidly opposing the legislation, said the “Democratic majority in the House has jammed through a piece of legislation that clearly violates the Constitution, as well as basic principles of fairness and equity.”

The carve-out exemption for the NRA will apply to the NRA. But by design, few, if any, corporations will be able to meet the requirements. The description of the carve-out, longstanding groups with lots of members who don’t take corporate money, is the very definition of a union. So the unions can spend their war chests for Democrats but corporations cannot spend for Republicans. More pointedly, Ford’s UAW unions can spend cash on their candidates, but Ford cannot.

The fact that we have actual American members of congress who revile free speech as much as the Democrats is alarming. There is no problem with any American, union, or corporation spending whatever they want on elections. It is a free country, unless you happen to be something other than a Democrat.


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