Michelle Obama’s Staff’s Salaries – This Is Obscene!

Maybe many of you have seen this?  But, I have just found it and I almost choked …. what in the world are they thinking in The White House?  Why does she need a staff that costs $1,600,700??

“Mrs. Obama, is this country still a downright mean country as you described it 18 months ago?”

Just check this out America:

Michelle Obama’s staff salaries

Michelle Obama in her role as the first lady of the United States has a large staff to take care of daily  planning and administrative duties that require daily attention.I thought it would be useful to those readers interested to post the salaries of Michelle Obama‘s staffers. Some of the earnings figures may amaze you and others may seem a little low.Whatever the case the positions are prestigious and come with many perks that are not available to other staff outside the White House.

The fact that Michelle and Barak Obama who is dealing with health care reform have such a high profile comparable to top salaries requires a large staff to take care of all the details.

The salaries for staffers in the Office of First Lady are also on the newest list. The highest paid is Chief of Staff Susan Sher, who gets the top $172,200. Here are the rest:


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