The First Lady And Spain

America has given the First Lady 18 months to prove that she really is something special.  Well, it’s not happening.  Michelle Obama has proven to be vain and self-serving.  Two articles that describe exactly that.

Michelle’s life is a holiday

By Judi McLeod  Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not cognizant that the masses have already blacked her out of mind,  Mrs. Barack Obama has put a media blackout on her latest holiday including an about 30-room reservation for herself, daughter, friends and bodyguards at a five-star hotel in Benahavis, Spain.

Fellow Americans have had to black out any thought of the imperious Michelle being too busy trying to hang on to their jobs and mortgages.

But according to orders from Michelle, not for the unwashed masses to learn through the media the giddy-girl holiday with back-in-my room bragging rights on the booty of shopping splurges fortified with room service tidbits like lobster tails and champagne.

Most already realize that Michelle’s Girls Night Out holiday in Spain serves as resting up time for the 10-day holiday she will spend on Martha’s Vineyard next month.

The media blackout Obama has ordered on the Spanish holiday is remindful of the media blackout on her entire life.  The truth is that compared to millions of other plain folk, Michelle Obama’s life has been one long holiday.

Media blackouts included,  Michelle Obama has discernible delusions of grandeur.

Aside from her attempts to promote an organic White House garden which turned out to be fertilized with sludge,  and her self-serving press releases claiming Patron Saint status for Childhood Obesity, Obama has done diddly squat to raise any one from the injustice she claims that marked her own life.

The Malcontent of Malcontents, few ordinary people take time to contemplate the legions of ills she claims that afflicted her when she was still at university.

Gratitude and counting her blessings don’t seem part of the Michelle persona.

Imperious in attitude, the First Lady seems impervious to the suffering of others. But the dirty little secret is that when Barack Hussein Obama came into office, Michelle was merely along for the ride.

Being along for the ride is still her standstill status a year and a half later.

The PR spin that tried to present Michelle as someone special preceded her arrival at the White house, when in fact there was never much special about Michelle Obama.

Strive as she may to make herself special, she’s just another power-lusting street activist who came in with the flotsam and jetsam of Barack Obama.

If there is anything Michelle Obama needs it’s a vacation from her own vanity.


From the blog of American Thinker

July 27, 2010

Michelle Obama’s luxury Spanish vacation

Ralph Alter

When Marie Antoinette was told the peasants had no bread, her famous rejoinder was the suggestion to “Let them eat cake.”

Pampered on the our tax dollars with a staff whose salaries exceed $1.6 million annually, Michelle Obama has not been unwilling to take maximum advantage of the perks of an unlimited expense account as first lady.

The latest report on Obama extravagance indicates that Michelle Obama will take a summer break with one of her daughters “in the company of old friends” on the Costa del Sol in Spain:

Michelle Obama has reserved 30 rooms for herself and her daughter, their friends and bodyguards at a five-star hotel in Benahavis near Marbella, hotel sources said.

How does anyone need 30 rooms for a mother-daughter trip?

Add this latest extravagance to the non-stop White House concert series that has included such pricey entertainers as Bob Dylan, Tony Bennett and Paul McCartney among very many others. Even were the stars to perform gratis,

Professional equipment needs to be brought in-sound engineers, stage lights, etc… Even small scale performances by these artists can be very expensive.

Add booze, food, security, invitations, social secretaries, wait staff and hangers on to the tab and the price for one of these events could top $75k. With over 27 concerts hosted thus far, the cost to the taxpayers is in the millions of dollars… has been estimated that the Obama White House spent at least $10 million dollars on “drunken White House parties” in 2009 alone.

Whether its $250,000 spent on a date night in New York, ordering carry-out pizza for 120 people from 850 miles away,or flying the family dog on a separate jet to join the Obamas on their 8th vacation since taking office, this time in Maine, it’s clear that Barack and Michelle are living very large at the taxpayer’s expense without so much as a second thought.

If either of them would settle down and actually do something productive for our nation they might have less time to spend blowing our money.

Ralph Alter blogs at Right on Target

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