America, This President Is On His Way To Becoming Our Dictator

Glenn Beck reports that the SEC is no longer subject to the Freedom Of Information Act.  This is the first time this has happened in America.

Are you paying attention, America?

H/t The Right Scoop

Beck says that Fox Business’s FOIA request was recently denied by the SEC citing that the new Financial Regulation Law that just passed has exempted them from being subject to FOIAs. This is incredible. The SEC wields a ton of power and now they don’t have to answer to the people.

Sounds like we’re on the road to a dictatorship.

We must forget that Obama is a historical figure.  As I have said before, Barack Obama is on a mission from hell and it appears that he will let no one stop him.  He has not listened to any of the protests that have been made by the Tea Partiers – he does not care.  He has made a pact with Satan and he is determined to keep his end of the bargain.

I cannot understand why we are not continually in the streets calling for his impeachment.  God knows he can be found guilty on many counts.  As Fred Dardick, of Canada Free Press, stated in his piece, From the White House to the Big House: 25 Impeachable Crimes, we look forward to a Republican controlled House of Representatives uncovering Obama’s corrupt dealings and exposing this man for the fraud that he is.

posted by rightthingtodo  on July 29, 2010

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