Beck Finishes Series On Socialism Or Liberty – Your Choice

Third and last installment of Glenn Beck’s series on the Radicalization of America.  We are just waiting for the “I-word” to roll off of Glenn’s lips.  It has to be a matter of time.  Obama must be impeached.  This must be priority of the Republican controlled House of Representatives this coming November.  We have no time to waste.

Here’s Glenn exposing the radical plans of the Weather Underground Manifesto, which may be Obama’s blueprint to destroy America.

Part 1

Will the FBI be given power to seize your internet records without a judge’s court order?

Part 2

“The Man, The Baby Killers and The Pigs”

Part 3

President Obama is surrounded by radicals influenced by Weather Underground Manifesto

Part 4

Our youth and traditions are being targeted by Obama and the radicals

Part 5

The actions of the Obama Administration resemble the Weather Underground Manifesto.  We need to draw a line in the sand.  More next week.

Part 6

Glenn puts on a Brian Urlacher Chicago Bears jersey to show comraderie with the former NFL star.  Good job, Glenn!


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