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To All Tea Party Members, Affiliates, Associations, Whatever … We Have One Goal For Nov. – Stop Obamatrain!

A lot of us watched a very popular show on a very popular cable network last Friday and we did not like what we saw.  While we love and most times agree with the host of this program, it seems as though the host had an “off day”.

The program focused on a round table discussion of the various Tea Parties around the country, however, only 4 were physically represented on camera and another  was represented via phone call in to the program.

The host led the 4 individuals in a conversation about what each of their groups stood for in terms of principles and values and objectives.  All of that was okay.  But then, it ventured into that hot topic of “Racism”. That’s where the rubber hit the road for me.

First of all, why was it so important to have an on camera round table about racism within the Tea Party movement with only 4 individuals?  Why focus on that topic at all at this time?  It was as if they all thought that the Tea Parties of America owed an explanation to the Left loonies, or the NAACP or the LSM or Shirley Sherrod or President Obama.


It’s so without class to point fingers and accuse others of racism.  The Tea Party representative, who phoned into the show, was treated very shabbily by the host.  After the representative stated that racism would not be tolerated by her group, she was asked to speak on behalf of another member who apparently had made racial statements.  Further, after she concluded her phone call with the show, the other round table participants continued to berate her group.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

Look, we have in the White House the first man of color.  This man is shrewd and realizes the impact of a societal flaw called racism. Even though we have dealt with and made progress with the issue of race and continue to do so, the sheer nature of the problem has left a stigma on our nation.  Obama knows this and he has decided to use this as his trump card, whenever he cannot get what he wants.  The argument of racism against the first Black president makes no sense because a good number of White Americans voted for Obama. But, still, President Obama is allowing this nasty and very harmful conversation to continue in hopes of gaining votes in November.

No one wants to be called a racist, even those of us with a heritage of both races in our families .  It is a despicable thing to be labeled a racist or ‘Uncle Tom’ or, ‘Aunt Jane’.  The Tea Party has been accused of having racist elements in its ranks because it does not agree with Obama’s runaway spending train.  It should not have happened.  Obama could stop it but he won’t.

Obama is a ‘Race Hustler’, period. He is also an enemy of the Constitution of the United States.  I’m not afraid of saying it because I know that I’m right.  I live in a Chicago suburb and know all about the man who is now the President of the US.

Tea Partiers, let’s stand together and in November, lets put the brakes on Obama’s runaway train.  Capisce?

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Saul Alinsky In Action – Teaching Agitation On Rama Indian Reservation, Canada

H/t New Zeal

A must see.

A fascinating documentary.  The late great agitator Saul Alinsky at work on the Rama Indian Reservation in Canada

A rare glimpse at how the man who inspired Barack Obama actually worked.


Obama and Alinsky:  Community Organizing for Power

How Could America Have Bought Into This?

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