Missouri Rejects Obamacare … Big Time!


Three states held primary elections yesterday, but the big news today isn’t about a winning candidate, but rather a losing issue. The Missouri legislature put a proposed law (Proposition C) on the ballot exempting Missouri citizens from ObamaCare’s individual mandate. The measure passed overwhelmingly – 71%-to-29%.

More than 938,000 votes were cast for and against Proposition C, compared to 899,000 votes cast in the Republican and Democrat senatorial primary races. In other words, more Show Me state voters turned out to vote against ObamaCare than for the candidates for U.S. Senate.

An analysis of the vote is very revealing. There were significantly more votes cast in the GOP Senate primary than in the Democrat primary, but not enough to equal Proposition C’s winning total. Assuming that every Republican voter supported Proposition C, then nearly one-third of the voters in the Democrat primary must have supported Proposition C too.

The media will try to ignore it, but this was a crucial vote. Missouri is considered a political bellwether state. Since 1904, it has voted for the winning presidential candidate in every election but two. In 2008, the state split, 49.4% for John McCain to 49.3% for Barack Obama. It doesn’t get much closer than that. But last night a state that was 50/50 for Obama voted 71%-to-29% against his signature legislative initiative.

Of course this was more symbolic than anything else but it’s great to see the States move to get this on the ballots.

Oklahoma and Arizona will be next to do the same thing as Missouri – by placing a proposition on their ballots to give their citizens the opportunity to voice their rejection of Obamacare.

At present, at least 20 States are in the process of suing the government over the un-wanted Health care statute.

posted by rightthingtodo on August 5, 2010 via American Values

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