Dear God, Do Not Allow Obama Another Supreme Court Appointment

If Obama gets another appointment opportunity – the America we know and love will be shot!

this from Maggie’s Notebook

Jeff Sessions: America Will Not Forgive this Senate for Confirming Kagan

Senator Jeff Sessions

Minutes before the vote to confirm Elena Kagan, Senator Jeff Sessions said “The American people will not easily forgive this Senate if we confirm Ms. Kagan to the Supreme Court.” Think about waking up on November 3rd, 2010 without the significant change needed to keep another Elena Kagan off the Supreme Court.

Those voting for Kagan wonder what all the fuss is about, and try to ignore the fact that 37 members of the Senate voted against her. Only three additional votes were needed to filibuster, yet five Republicans voted yea for a nominee: who has never been a judge; they knew manipulated abortion facts, and turned them into lies which overturned an abortion ban in Nebraska; who at Harvard refused Military recruiters on the grounds, and welcomed Islamic Shariah financing, which funds terrorism, into the law school along with three Saudi-funded studies of Shariah.

Republican Senators voting for Kagan were Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe (Maine), Lindsey Graham (NC), Dick Lugar (IN), and unbelievably Judd Gregg of New Hampshire. Senator Ben Nelson (NE) is the lone Democrat voting against Elena Kagan.

By modern standards, Justice Kagan’s 63 confirmation votes isn’t exactly an overwhelming display of support. Of the Supreme Court’s nine current justices, 63 ranks fairly low —

Stevens (98),

Kennedy (97),

Scalia (98),

Ginsburg (96),

Breyer (87),

Roberts (78),

Sotomayor (68)

Thomas (52)

Alito (58)

Today we talk about fighting for the America that we know and have known. If Obama is allowed to make another appointment, that America is gone.

Justice Anthony Kennedy says he will put-off his retirement until after the 2012 presidential election. Hallelujah for that, but we still cannot assure through this court appointed for a lifetime that the Constitution will guide the way our government works.

We must understand that the Supreme Court is the most important issue we face today. Senator Sessions’ prediction that this appointment will not be forgiven is insightful.

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America, elections have consequences.

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