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Judge Strikes Down Proposition 8: But We Can Still Win This National Battle

This from The Manhattan Declaration

Prop. 8 Did Not Ban Gay ‘Marriage’

By Billy Atwell

August 05, 2010

After hearing about Judge Vaughn R. Walker striking down the Proposition 8 referendum in California, which became a state constitutional amendment that defined marriage as being between one man and one woman, many Christians and people of a cultural orthodox belief are discouraged that the voice of the people was rejected.  Justice Walker cited the 14th Amendment, specifically the Equal Protection Clause, in his reasoning, though he seems to be more concerned with pandering to the gay lobby than following the Constitution.

The problem with both the judge’s ruling and most pro-gay commentary you will read is this: Proposition 8 did not ban gay marriage.  To say that gay “marriage” was banned because the term’s definition did not allow for gay marriage is logically untrue.  Marriage has not, and never will, be a bond between two people of the same-sex.  All the people of California did was uphold the traditional definition of marriage “not only since America’s founding but for millennia,” as stated by

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council and Manhattan Declaration signer, in a press release.

The term “gay marriage” is a logical contradiction.  First, homosexuality is not a legitimate lifestyle, even though many are forcing the issue.  Secondly, to be gay inherently means you cannot be married because you lack a natural bond with your partner.  To be gay inherently means you cannot be married.  Marriage is supposed to be procreative and express a conjugal, permanent love that is only expressed when two people are complimentary in both body and soul.  Men and women can share in procreation and conjugal love, but homosexuals cannot.  “Gay Marriage” is as illogical as a 4-cornered triangle, since the definition of one negates the possibility of the other.

Beyond the legal and Constitutional battle we are facing, a cultural battle is stirring in which our culture is buying into a lie.  This lie teaches that the only thing necessary for marriage is love; and perhaps even commitment (but with the advent of no-fault divorce and pre-nuptial agreements, even commitment is less necessary)

Deacon Keith Fournier

wrote in a Catholic Online editorial, “The proponents of this New Cultural Revolution demand a legal equivalency between homosexual relationships and true marriages. In their zeal some believe they are fashioning a better world. They reject the truth concerning marriage, the implications on children, the structure of society and the real common good. Authentic marriage, and the family and society founded upon it, are the foundation of a free society. This is not only a ‘religious’ position, it is accepted across cultures and has informed Western Civilization. It is affirmed by the Natural law which can be known by all men and women through the exercise of reason.”

If we learn anything from this tragic decision from yet another leftist judge is this: do not buy into liberalized religious definitions.  Marriage rejects homosexual relationships by their very nature.  Whether these marriages become legalized or not does not mean they have any validity within the Church or within a legal system of ethics and reason.

Racial prejudice was once a legal norm and Christians led the charge in riding our culture of it.  Assuming the Supreme Court upholds Justice Walker’s decision, we should work to end this legalized injustice as well.


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The Blagojevich Trial – Jury Deliberations Day 8

Jury’s gone — deliberations move to next week


Natasha Korecki

on August 6, 2010 1:25 PM

Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Jurors in Rod Blagojevich’s case have left for the weekend, working just half the day as promised.

They’ll be back on Monday to begin day nine.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Blagojevich trial: Jury deliberating — day 8


Sarah Ostman

on August 6, 2010 11:06 AM

Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Jurors are back for day 8 of deliberations. Other than a brief sighting of a few of them in the private jury elevator — going down for a smoke break, perhaps — it’s been quiet.

Attorneys and reporters gathered for a 10:30 status hearing this morning, but there was no business to take care of.

We expect the jury to wrap up around 12:30 today and return on Monday.

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