What’s With Mayor Bloomberg’s Rage Against Opponents Of The Ground Zero Mosque?

Bloomberg’s Uninformed Rage Against Mosque Opponents

A few days ago, I met Alan Craig, a courageous man who successfully derailed the plans of radical Islamists who wanted to build a mega-mosque near the Olympic Stadium in London. The first thing the soft spoken Mr. Craig asked: “Why is your Mayor so adamant about building this Mosque” ?

When his campaign started, Mr. Craig had a London Mayor who overtly supported radical Islamists but he was puzzled by a man like Bloomberg’s tirades against opponents of a 9-11 Mosque.

We are not going to play amateur psychologist in trying to figure out Bloomberg. Lets take him at his word. He believes that questioning the Mosque is an assault on Freedom of religion and questioning the source of the financing is the same. In a Friday radio interview he called opponents shameful and he equated foreign financing of the Mosque to people in church who put donations in a collection plate.

Clearly, Mayor Bloomberg is clueless. But what is more troubling is that he seems adamant about not learning any of the facts about what this mosque project is all about

Former United States prosecutor Andrew McCarthy (he prosecuted the first World Trade Center bombers) is a public opponent of this Mosque and he has written an instructive article on what we can expect if this Mosque becomes a reality. McCarthy persuasively argues that a Mosque/cultural center in Fairfax Virgina provides us with a troubling look into our future.

That Mosque has been the center of much radical activity and several of its associates are targets of security authorities. But more importantly, the Imam of the 9-11 Mosque is associated with this web of radicalism and McCarthy shows how these projects are linked to a Muslim Brotherhood game plan (the Arabic is followed by an English translation) to establish centers of operation in and near major cities in the United States.

Since we have generated questions about the 9-11 Mosque, the Imam behind this project has done a disappearing act.  He has become camera shy, clearly avoiding press questions about the financing of this $100 million dollar project.  But intrepid Forbes reporter Claudia Rossett did track him down. Rossett also has a follow up article on how Obama/Hillary’s State Department is sponsoring a trip for the Imam to travel to the Gulf States.

The opposition to the Mosque is growing with the New York Post breaking with Bloomberg on the issue.  There is also a persuasive Chris Caldwell column in the Financial Times.

The London mosque campaign shows that even with the powers that be in favor, this 9-11 Mosque can be stopped but it needs your active participation. Have you signed the Stop the Mosque petition? Please feel free to send this to family and friends to sign? Please do so today.

H/t One Jerusalem

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