Barack Obama, The First Un-American President

Are we really surprised that President Obama supports the Ground Zero mosque?

Obama needs to come clean with the American people and admit that he is a Muslim.  Why does he think that we are stupid?  His biological father was a Muslim and so was his step-father.

We need to start IMPEACHMENT hearings on him NOW!

The following is posted on Warning Signs.

It is written by Alan Caruba.  I’ve recently discovered his blog and now am a fan.  I agree with everything he says because we all know that it is true – Obama is not the least bit American.  He has deliberately gone out of his way to show us how un-American he really is.  He is also a bully in the worst sense.  But he’s from the Chicago swamp and now he is slimming all of America.  (I happen to live in a Chicago suburb so I can say that with great audacity.)

The First Un-American President

by Alan Caruba

“As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.” – Barack Hussein Obama, spoken at a White House dinner to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan!

Well, of course, he does. Why wouldn’t someone who thinks the sound of the call to evening prayers from a nearby minaret is one of the sweetest sounds in the world? Why wouldn’t someone who spent his formative years, age six to twelve, in Indonesia, the step-son of a Muslim father and the son of a Muslim father who had deserted his wife and child.

But, I hear you say, he spent twenty years in a Christian church in Chicago. Yes, with a preacher who said of 9/11 that “the chickens had come home to roost”; a preacher who embraced Black Liberation theology and maintained close friendships with Nation of Islam leaders in Chicago.

“That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances. This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable.”

What a pompous hypocrite. He’s been president since January 20, 2009 and has yet to have selected a church to attend in Washington, D.C., like every other president before him has done, but he makes sure to celebrate Ramadan.

That’s what you get when you elect a man named Barack Hussein Obama about whom you know nothing other than the fawning, worshipful puke served up by the liberal media all through the campaign and for most of his first year and a half in office.

Too late! The majority of voters selected a complete stranger; a man with virtually no available paper trail, including the one item most people can produce on request, a legitimate birth certificate.

Obama is not an American. He is the son of a former British subject, a Kenyan of the same name. He is the step-son of an Indonesian who married his mother and adopted him. When his mother divorced for a second time, he was shipped off to live in Hawaii with his grandparents.

The only overseas trip he took that we know of was to Pakistan with a college friend from there. Did he travel on an American passport? The State Department records have conveniently disappeared.

He’s one of those people who enjoys all the benefits of American citizenship, but considers himself an internationalist, someone more at home in the bowels of the United Nations than the chamber of the U.S. Senate; a place where he spent very little time because he was so eager to seize the presidency and begin to “transform” America.

This statement regarding the defiling of Ground Zero, favoring a mosque where the same religion that spawned the 9/11 killers would be preached, may finally convince the deniers that Obama is and always has been a Muslim.

First interview as president was with Al Arabia. First official act was to sign paperwork to close down Guantanamo. First major overseas speech was given in Cairo. Et Cetera!

He’s letting you know he has the reins of power. He doesn’t care what you think. And he has the rest of his term to finish destroying the nation. He knows it. Now you do.

America, take a good look at the first truly un-American president to hold that high office.

A lot of Americans voted for him. Those that did not are desperately reading the Constitution to find a way to rid us of this enemy of the people.


Here’s another great post and this one is from Fellowship of the Minds

3 Things You Should Know About Islam

  1. The Qu’ran is not at all like the Bible. The Qu’ran was written by one man, Mohammad, and his word is law. Wherever there is a seeming contradiction in the Qu’ran, what Mohammad said later always supercedes what he said earlier. Thus, the Qu’ran’s earlier peaceful passages are abrogated by later violent passages on jihad.
  2. It is the religious duty of every Muslim to institute Shari’a — the Law of Allah — worldwide.
  3. Unlike Christianity that emphasizes truthfulness, Muslims are allowed to deceive (lie to) non-Muslims if doing so protects and helps Islam. This is called the principle of Taqiyya.

Please send this link to everyone you know. We need to know the true face of Islam and stop its advance before it’s too late.

posted by Rightthingtodo on August 15, 2010

“We must stop fooling ourselves and thinking that Islam is a ‘nice peaceful religion’.  IT’S NOT!!  Some Muslims may be described as ‘moderate’, but there is nothing moderate about Islam itself.

As the video shows us, Islam is not simply a “religion” or a “cult”, but a “system of life”, with religious, legal, political, economic, social and military components.

When there are enough Muslims in an area to begin agitating for religious privileges, the process of “Islamicization” begins.

The process is gradual.  Eventually a culture comes to regard tolerance of Islamic religious practices as politically correct;  then the rest of Islam’s components begin ‘CREEPING’ in,


With a president like Barack Obama in the White House, need we say anymore??

Have A Wonderful Day In The Lord


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