Blagojevich Verdict – Not A Single Conviction Related Directly To The Famous Tapes

Rod Blagojevich and His Team Speak To Media After Verdict

Blago starts off his remarks looking and sounding subdued.”I didn’t do anything wrong.” “This jury just showed you…the could not prove that I did anything wrong….except for one nebulous charge from five years ago.”  “This is a persecution.” “We have a prosecutor who wants to spend tens of millions of dollars” to keep prosecuting me.  “They threw everything they could at me.” “This fight is a lot bigger than Patti and me. It’s a fight for the very freedom that Americans enjoy.  “Were going to appeal that lying decision and we’re hopeful that the law is on our side as regards to that.” Ends angry.

Sam Adam Jr. (Attorney): Why should the people of Illinois and the taxpayers in this county pay me…. When we’ve already been through trial?” “Why are we spending $25 to $30 million on a retrial when you haven’t proven it the first time. Aren’t there more important things out here?” Suggests giving prosecution expenses “back to the people of Illinois….Is this worth it? That’s what I ask the people out there. Is this worth it?

Sam Adam Sr. (Attorney): Everybody knows (Patti Blagojevich)  worked for her money. Everybody knows that….”This guy Fitzgerald is a master at indicting people for non-criminal behavior. This guy is going wild. This guy is nuts.” Tries to exploit that he didn’t put on a defense.   Won’t commit to whether the same team will defend him.  Refers to the “$10s and $20 millions of dollars” the U.S. Atty’s office spent on the trial.  “The crime spree was Fitzgerald violating people’s Constitutional rights. And that was stopped today by the jury.”


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