Good Job, Senator McCain … Stay Focused

Last night was a good night for Senator John McCain. He won the very dirty fight with former Congressman J.D. Hayworth in the Arizona primaries.  In order to pull this off, Sen. McCain had to ‘come to the RIGHT of center’ and clean up his ‘ole maverick’ act.

Yep, that’s right, he knew he had to come clean with the issues and come back to the conservative side if he wanted to win and he wanted to win this one very badly.

It would have been a bone crusher had he lost this election, too.

One of the reasons that motivated him was President Barack Hussein Obama.  Senator McCain now sees what a lose for the country that he and Sarah Palin did not win.  I think he thinks that had he gone after Obama the way he went after George W. Bush, their first time around, he would have taken Obama out and would the president today.

McCain dislikes Obama with a passion and that moment during the Health Care Summit when President Obama said this to Senator McCain ….

we knew the ‘game was on’.  That moment was in many ways, the McCain/Obama rematch.  Obama’s nastiness and immaturity did not help the situation. So McCain has in his head that he has to oppose Obama’s radical agenda every chance he gets and to do this he has to still be Senator McCain not Citizen McCain.

Just think about it – when the GOP takes over in November and puts restraints on Obama, this will do a lot of us a world of good and you can bet that John McCain will poke his finger in Obama’s eye.

McCain has a tendency to hold grudges and to re-visit feuds with his opponents.  Let’s just watch and see how he handles himself when the GOP will control the conversation after November and Obama will have to make adjustments to work with the Republicans, something Obama has refused to do so far.

I can’t wait to hear Senator McCain say to President Obama, “Look President Obama, the mid-term elections are over and now the Republicans control the conversation.”

Lastly, John McCain is and always will be a real,  live American hero. No matter how angry we were with him during the 2008 presidential campaign, when he suspended that campaign to “fix the economy”, and ended up losing the election, we still honor and admire him and the courage he displayed during his captivity in Vietnam.  No one will ever be able to take that from him.

Good job, Senator McCain, and thank you for your service … and stay focused.

US Navy pilot John McCain lies in a hospital bed in Hanoi, North Vietnam, after being taken prisoner of war.


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