Holocaust Survivor Is Lastest Target Of ‘Islamicization’



The process is gradual … a culture comes to regard tolerance of Islamic religious practices as politically correct;  then the rest of Islam’s components begin creeping in.

This video is a perfect example of the point.  Obviously the mosque supporter has been conditioned by the Lie of Islam. Our subjugation to political correctness has made this possible, so much so in this case, that the mosque supporter has lost his respect for a man much older than he and he has no compassion or empathy for the startling information given him by the holocaust survivor.

The survivor tells the mosque supporter, “I love freedom, I’m a Holocaust Survivor!  I lived under Hitler!” That should have stopped the conversation.  Instead, it fueled it as we hear the mosque supported proclaim that the holocaust survivor had not learned his lesson!  WHAT!  WHAT LESSON?

This is frightening to me.  It should be to you also.  It demonstrates how far down the road we are to becoming Sharia friendly.  The profane anti-Semitism just spews from the mouth of the mosque supporter.

The mosque supporter has bought into the LIE OF ISLAM! Little does he know that the mosque he supports with vigor would be more than just a building … it represents a “system of life” – with religious, legal, political, social, economic and military components.

The bloodthirsty agenda of radical Islam could not be more opposite from American values and Judeo-Christian ethics!

(caution: profanity in this video)

God Bless America and Shalom to the Survivor

posted by rightthingtodo on August 27, 2010

(kudos to Michael Ferrara, who took this video)


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