Standing Up For Pastor Terry Jones’ First Amendment Rights On This 9th Anniversary Of The September 11 Violent And Cowardly Attacks On America

Rev. Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla.

Let it be known that this blog supports Pastor Jones’ 1st Amendment rights to burn as many Korans as he wants, however stupid it may be!  I would not do it because I don’t believe in burning any books and I would prefer Pastor Jones read the Koran and challenge the ‘moderate’ Imam Rauf to a televised debate on the contents of the book.  At least that would give the American people and Pastor Jones the chance to ask the Imam about some of these historical facts:

There is no separation of mosque and state. It is a fact that where their faith flourishes, their flag follows. Where Muslims are in total control, they are in total control!

It is also a fact proclaimed by numerous Muslims that their goal is to conquer America. No one is a true Muslim unless he accepts that fact!

It is also a fact that Muslims and Christians do not worship the same God. Numerous Middle East scholars clearly state that Allah was one of 360 pagan gods worshiped at the Kaaba hundreds of years before Mohammed was born! See Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book, Coon, Farah, Thompson, etc.

It is a fact that while Muslims talk about believing in Christ, they do not believe in the Christ of the Bible. They believe that He was not divine, did not die on the cross and did not rise from the dead. That is not believing in Christ.

It is a fact that they do not believe in the Bible-teaching of the Trinity (sura 5:75). In fact, Mohammed did not even know that the Trinity was the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! He thought Mary mother of C hrist was a member of the Trinity! See Sura 5:116.

It is a fact that Islam teaches no one has a right to worship anyone but Allah. See sura 9:29; 2:691; 47:4; etc. In fact, a Muslim is to be killed if he or she leaves Islam. See vol. 9, book 84, #64.

It is also a fact that Mohammed took his son’s wife, slept with his Coptic slave, and had a nine-year-old wife. See Encyclopedia Britannica; Encyclopedia of Islam; Tabari (most famous Muslim historian); and Hadith vol. 7, book 62, number 65 where Aisha admitted, “My marriage (to Mohammed) was consummated when I was nine.

It is a fact that jihad is considered the “sixth pillar” of Islam, and while jihad can mean inner struggle, etc., it has always meant, “holy fighting in the cause of Islam.” See New Encyclopedia Britannica; Dictionary of Islam, and page 39 of the official Koran published in Saudi Arabia.

It is a fact that Muslims true to the Koran (and Hadith) are not moderate. The terrorists are the ones carrying out the commands of Mohammed.

Koranic Islam (historic Islam) is America’s Trojan Horse full of an enemy that has clearly proclaimed plans to destroy America.  I believe Pastor Terry Jones knows that.

Koranic Islam is our enemy!  No doubt about it.  At the same time, we should recognize that not all Muslims are terrorists.  Some of them are genuine moderates but Imam Rauf in not one of them!

We are at war with Koranic Islam, period!  The sooner we recognize our enemy the better off we will be.  Pastor Jones has it RIGHT.

I just love the way some members of the Obama Propaganda Media have attempted to denigrate Pastor Jones, who is a Christian minister of the gospel.  Just listen to the contempt in Rick Sanchez’ voice –

Okay, Mr. Sanchez, you asked how would Pastor Jones like it if Muslims burned bibles?  They did and still do and no one goes out and kill people!

Here’s a story from 2007.  It happened in Gaza, Israel.

Monday, June 18, 2007 by Ryan Jones

Hamas turns on Gaza Christians

Having vanquished their rivals in Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement, Gaza-based Hamas gunmen are now turning their attention to the area’s small Christian communities and other non-Muslim influences.

As Hamas completed its conquest of Gaza last Thursday, a spokesman for the group appeared on Palestinian television and announced the “end of secularism and heresy in the Gaza Strip.”

Shortly after, a group of militants stormed the Latin Church and the adjacent Rosary Sisters School in Gaza City, reportedly using rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) to blow through the doors.

After gaining entrance, the rampaging jihadists burned every Bible and destroyed every cross they could get their hands on before setting both buildings alight, according to sources who spoke to Israel Today.

Beyond the local representations of Christianity, the purging Islamic forces are also targeting statues.

In a scene reminiscent of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, a Hamas-affiliated group of militants on Sunday uprooted a cement statue from a public square in Gaza City because they said it violated Islamic laws forbidding the erection of statues, which are worshiped by pagans another non-believers.

Some fear that elements within Hamas may go so far as imposing a dress code on women in Gaza.

Earlier this month, a smaller local Islamic group believed to have ties to Al Qaeda publicly threatened to kill female Palestinian television news anchors for dressing immodestly while on the job.

The same group is said to have been behind some 50 bomb attacks on Gaza Internet cafes, record stores, satellite dish vendors and Christian bookstores over the past year.

With Hamas now fully in control of Gaza, many fear the worst is yet to come.


This pastor has a congregation that is smaller than Michelle Obama’s staff. But he has raised an issue that is much bigger and far more important than the ill-advised burning of a Koran – the violent propensity of so many adherents of the “religion of peace.”

God bless Pastor Terry Jones for being a stand-up guy!

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