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Christine O’Donnell Is Not Extreme, Nor Is She Outside The Mainstream

Christine O’Donnell is like you and like me and millions of others who believe in the traditional way of life.  If one listens to those on the left side of life like her opponent in the race for the Delaware senate seat, Chris Coons, you’d think she had 3 heads!  Or something even more frightening than that.

Chris Coons (D-DE)

Christine is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-traditional family and believes that Creationism should be taught in schools along with Evolution.  What’s wrong with that?  Those values are very mainstream in America.  The left side of life wants to change all of that and they don’t mind destroying anyone who gets in their way.

We know there is a deep seated hatred for the values that we believe in.  This is how Chris Coons introduces  Ms. O’Donnell on his webshite:

With Christine O’Donnell, we face an ideology rather than a record.  One of Sarah Palin’s newest “Mama Grizzlies,” O’Donnell will fight to roll back a woman’s right to choose and lead the charge against stem-cell research, falsely claiming that this ground breaking research exploits women.   She has a record of supporting discrimination against gays and lesbians, and pressing for public schools to teach creationism.

Even more shocking is that despite the fact that she has no plan for putting Delawareans back to work and wants to open our coastlines to more dangerous off-shore drilling risks, she truly believes that she’s the right candidate for Delaware.

Make no mistake – Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Michelle Bachman, and the Tea Party Express will invest to make sure O’Donnell joins them in Washington.

We cannot let Joe Biden’s seat fall into ultraconservative hands – into the grasp of a candidate who is out of touch with Delaware and the challenges we face.

Will you help us prepare for the fight for Delaware’s values by supporting Chris’ campaign today?

As you can see, he is going to paint her as someone who is strange and not to be trusted.  That is why it is so important that Karl Rove, Dana Perino, Charles Krathammer and other Republican ‘establishment insiders’ just shut up.  They have to stop their selfish criticisms of Ms. O’Donnell.

H/t (Michelle Malkin) for the videos

Karl Rove: Why did O’Donnell take long to pay back her college bills?
Karl Rove, amidst his personal attack against O’Donnell, could not criticize O’Donnell on policy and forgot to congratulate her.
Dana Perino: Mike Castle “never lost a race.” Christine O’Donnell “never won a race.”
Perino said this the morning after O’Donnell won the primary election despite the attacks from the GOP establishment. Perino is not happy.

Charles Krauthammer: Voting for O’Donnell is ‘Self-Indulgent and Irresponsible’

You can rest assured that all the vile and mean-spirited things that Rove said to Sean Hannity right after O’Donnell had won the primary, will be used as Coons’ first commercial against O’Donnell.  I will think of Rove each time it is played.  How dumb can you get? It’s almost as if Rove and the others have to make sure that O’Donnell fails to win so their self fulfilling prophecy will come true.  They just can’t be wrong about this!

No. she is not extreme and she is electable.  Speaking of electability, let’s take a look at Mike Castle, the darling of the Republican beltway insiders:


>pro-gun control

>boasts of increasing school-based health clinics (notorious for promoting contraception and abortion)

>favors embryonic stem cell research

>opposed restricting the transportation of minors across state lines for an abortion

>voted against banning abortion in foreign aid funding

>supports gay rights

Now, compare that to Christine’s beliefs:

> pro-life across the board

> pro-family

>an unapologetic Christian

>opposes gun control

>favors control of our borders

>opposes pornography

>has called masturbation “a sin”

>a pro-abstinence Catholic and a fiscal conservative

As a voter, who do you resemble more – Mike Castle or Christine O’Donnell? The fact that this traditional young woman is being attacked as a “nut job,” not only by Democrats but by Republicans, shows exactly how out of touch they are with the American people. As I said before, Christine O’Donnell looks like us and many of the voters we know. She is a common sense, principled conservative who believes morality matters. That’s why she’s such a threat to the hill where morality equals pragmatism, and where the most important issue is reelection.

The Republican establishment says nominating conservatives is useless if they can’t win in November. They quit before they begin. And they are patently wrong! The only way to change the Republican party is to refuse to nominate their “moderates” who often favor positions that would have horrified voters in the 1950s. Is a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Republican any good to us? No. It just gives us one more vote for Planned Parenthood and homosexual rights. Principles are important and fundamental principles cannot be compromised. And if it takes some election losses to get that message to the Republican pharisees, so be it. If they want to win, they will learn to back conservatives.

Pray for Christine O’Donnell and help her win! Never give to the party hacks who use your cash to support morally bankrupt candidates like Mike Castle. Give to candidates and to groups you can trust to support only pro-life, pro-family candidates.

You can donate to Christine O’Donnell here.

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