Ms. O’Donnell, Bill Maher Is Not The Boss Of You! He Is Trying To Smear You.

Leftist  Bill Maher hosted a television show in the 1990s called ‘Politically Incorrect’.  Some of us remember that show and many of us remember Christine O’Donnell’s appearances on the program.  Actually, she appeared on lots of television back then.  She has always  been gregarious and she made a great guest on the talk shows.

As I said before, I remember her conservative opinions on the social issues of our country. She said many things but her faith was always dominant in her conversations.

Today, Bill Maher released this video of Ms. O’Donnell –

At first glance, this looks horrible.  But when you look at it a second time, it’s not so bad compared to some of the stuff that’s going on today.  She says she did not join a coven.  So just what did she mean when she said, “I dabbled in witchcraft.” No one knows.  So the best thing for her to do is to come on FOX  and answer the witchcraft question and all other questions.

Ms. O’Donnell needs to give the American public her version of her past and say “period!” at the end of her sentences.

Everyone has something in their lives that they wish was not there.  Not everyone can say they have dabbled in wichcraft but there may be other things just as  goofy and shocking.  O’Donnell should not allow anyone else to tell her story.  She has to define herself and take charge of her campaign.  No way can Bill Maher be allowed to drip, drip, drip away with clips from the past … because he is sleazy enough to do just that.

Ms. O’Donnell, we need you to go on FOX with Greta or Bill O’Reilly and tell us the answers to  the controversies in your past life.  We will respect you for that.  We  really need you out there and you do have a good shot at winning.  I believe a door has been opened for you and God is for you, too!  So who can be against you?

Please do this now.  You must control the conversation.  Take a page from Sarah Palin’s playbook.  Don’t allow anything to go unanswered.

As Sarah Palin says, “Buck up”, and take charge of the conversation, give us your story and then move on and don’t look back!  You are the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate. You can win.

Bill Maher’s video clips are your past – that was then and this is now.  God bless you.  We are with you!

posted by rightthingtodo on September 18, 2010

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