Why Did Karl Rove Try To Knee-cap Christine O’Donnell Before She Even Got Started?

I  realize that Karl Rove has now walked back his vicious attack on Christine O’Donnell, the winner of the GOP U.S. Senate race, but the question still remains – WHY DID HE ATTACK HER WITH SUCH MIGHT? Was it really because Rove invoked the “Buckley Rule?”

It was born in 1967, when William F. Buckley was asked whom he would support, Barry Goldwater or Richard Nixon, in the GOP primary for the 1968 presidential election.  Buckley said he would vote for the most conservative candidate who was electable.  That was Nixon.

Even if this is really the reason, it still does not erase the fact that Rove has essentially called the voters of Delaware stupid!  This is seriously appalling. He has insulted the voters along with O’Donnell.

Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell and former White House adviser Karl Rove (Credit: CBS)

In his attack on O’Donnell, Rove even admitted that Mike Castle, O’Donnell’s Republican opponent, had not always voted with his party while in the House of Representatives;

“This was about Mike Castle’s bad votes,” Rove said.

Can you believe that Rove and the Republican Establishment were willing to treat the voters of Delaware with such contempt, knowing that Congressman Castle would not represent their best interest at all times when voting because he had a penchant for crossing over to the Democrats very frequently and just ‘going along’?  As I think about it more and more I become more enraged at their arrogance.  And they want to talk about O’Donnell’s character??

One thing the voters of Delaware will be able to count on is that Christine will vote conservative in keeping with her pledge to serve the people.  This is not to say that she won’t be flexible when being so will do no harm – but, generally, she will vote conservatively and with the country’s best interest at heart.  The day of the RINO in over.

The great Mark Levin really ripped into Karl Rove and let him have it.  Take a listen:

Mark Levin on Rhino Republicans or Neo-Statists (Audio)

The neo-Statist, it seems, is no more bound to the Constitution than is the Statist. He marches more slowly than the Statist, but he marches with him nonetheless. The neo-Statist propounds no discernable standard or practical means to hem in the federal power he helps unleash, and which the Statist would exploit. In many ways, he is as objectionable as the Statist, for he seeks to devour conservatism by clothing himself in its nomenclature.

The Conservative is alarmed by the ascent of a soft tyranny and its cheery acceptance by the neo-Statist. He knows that liberty once lost is rarely recovered. He knows of the decline and eventual failure of past republics. And he knows that the best prescription for addressing society’s real and perceived ailments is not to further empower an already enormous federal government beyond its constitutional limits, but to return to the founding principles. A free people living in a civil society, working in self-interested cooperation, and a government operating within the limits of its authority promote more prosperity, opportunity, and happiness for more people than any alternative. Conservatism is the antidote to tyranny precisely because its principles are the founding principles.

Mark Levin from his book Liberty and Tyranny

God Bless Mark Levin and all he is doing to save our Great Nation from Marxist Socialist Destruction!

Hat Tip to Forthrightly, a great American, via Government Mess

posted by rightthingtodo on September 18, 2010

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