Republicans Will Reclaim Life And Marriage Issues On Their Agenda

H/t Manhattan Declaration

Great news!

So many of you emailed the Republican House leader’s office last week urging the party not to backtrack on its commitment to life, liberty and marriage that you brought the email servers down.  We have just been informed that the Republican leadership WILL now include references to marriage and federal funding of abortion in their election agenda.

Thank you for acting so promptly!  Before your action this was a dead issue — you helped turn attitudes around, a great victory.

But now we must keep the momentum, so we’re asking you to do two things today:
1.    Commit to participate in the PRAY and ACT campaign for forty days of prayer and fasting (if possible) beginning today,  September 20 through October 30. CLICK HERE to download a Pray and ACT guide to get you started.

2.    Provide your personal financial support to help fuel this Manhattan Declaration movement.  This is a very low overhead operation with no staff.  But we need funds to keep the website operating.  Our resources are very low at the moment and we very much need your help. Visit the Manhattan Declaration website to make a donation.

Help us encourage a growing, vibrant movement of Christians from across denominational and confessional lines, to impact our society with Christian truth.

Thank you and God Bless you,

Timothy George
Chuck Colson
Robby George


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