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Beck Declares Jesus Provides Theory, Gandhi Provides Practice

Glenn continues to push pluralism and universalism. 

How many of you watched Glenn Beck’s September 17, 2010 program?  It was was the most offensive I have seen him so far.  He did not hesitate to try to equate Moses, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi with Jesus Christ! Not only was it an affront to every Christian who watched, it was blasphemous!

Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend said this about the program:

Topic One: Glenn’s program was on the four “men” that led revolutions; Jesus, Gandhi, Moses and Martin Luther King Jr. Beck says “let’s talk about Him [Jesus] as a man” and then says “if He indeed is the Messiah”. So Beck is not only lowering Jesus to the status of a man instead of what He was, God incarnate, but Beck also left in question whether Jesus was really the Messiah. Beck goes on to say that he has made a deep connection to all four individuals and that “their truth is so universal.” Did you catch that? Beck said “their truth”. This is total postmodernism and universalism. All religions cannot all be true.

Topic Two: Gandhi’s grandson proclaims that at the bottom all religions are the same and even Alveda King, who claims to be a Christian, did not express any disagreement with this pluralistic propaganda. Gandhi’s grandson went on to proclaim that all humanity is one. This is the belief of monism and pantheism as promoted in the Hindu religion of Gandhi.

Topic Three: Morehouse College President Dr. Robert Franklin proclaims that Martin Luther King Jr. married his beliefs of Jesus with the beliefs of Gandhi. Franklin says “Jesus provides the theory in a sense Gandhi provides practice” and Beck says “this is starting to sound almost like the Black Robe Regiment.” Beck’s Black Robe Regiment that consists of 240 pastors, priests, imams, and Rabbis attended the 8-28 rally and literally locked arms with each other. Are the “evangelical” pastors and leaders now ready to admit they were willing pawns for Beck’s pluralistic push and promotion of universalism? What will it take before even one pastor or Christian leader separates himself from Beck’s unbiblical campaign and agenda?

Topic Four: Evangelical leaders and LDS leaders have had numerous hush, hush, meetings to bridge an agreement together.

Topic Five: The merging of religions is so popular that Christianity Today magazine ran an article on how one could be a “Messianic Muslim”. That is a Muslim that “accepts” Jesus but still follows Muhammad. Can you see the one-world religion coming together?


What a pity this is turning out to be.  Glenn started out so brilliantly in exposing the Marxist radicals in the Obama administration.  He was absolutely flawless. Who can forget all of those American History lessons from ‘Professor Beck’?  But then, he took a turn for the worst … and began to mix theology in with politics and not just any theology – his Mormon theology.  That is when everything began to crumble for a lot of us.

We don’t want Evangelist Beck.  Professor Beck will do.

If you did not watch the program of September 17, 2010, watch here and just see how many insults to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God, you can count.  Beck will pay dearly to the Lord for his behavior.

Part 1

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posted by rightthingtodo on September 23, 2010

“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

Matthew 7:15  New American Standard Version


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