That Was Then … This Is Now – Reagan Era vs. The Age Of Obama

Like night and day, hot and cold, our lives are so different today than they were some 20 years ago.  For that matter, our lives are drastically different than they were just 18 months ago.

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Mourning in America

As President Obama and Vice President Biden launch an ambitious, cross country scramble to fix the upcoming elections and cure the hemorrhaging of support for their “Great Experiment” that is miserably failing, a new television ad is released nationwide.

“Mourning in America” is a whisper—–not a shout.

It’s a parallel to an ad Ronald Reagan ran in 1984—“Morning in America.”

Obama’s not on any ballot on the Nov. 2 elections. But this slow-paced visual….

…message by Fred Davis of Strategic Perception for Citizens for the Republic is aimed smack dab at him — and by implication all those who support the incumbent’s “grand experiment” that has so regrettably failed.  “Mourning in America” depicts a sadness in America rather than the anger that has been heard all across the nation these last 2 years.

Take 2 minutes and watch both videos and see how you feel after viewing both of them.  We must reverse the last 2 years and stop the disastrous 2 years left for Obama.

“Morning in America”

“Mourning in America”

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