ABC, Amanpour And SOS

ABC presented Christiane Amanpour’s “Same Old Smears” this past Sunday.  It was supposed to be a live to tape one hour discussion on Islam in America but it turned out to be 2 1/2 hours of rigged smears.  Folks, it’s a sad day in America right now – all of the America bashers and Jew-haters are running the country, but this too shall pass.

Amanpour proved to be a true water carrier for Islam.  No one is surprised by that.

Here is a report from some of the attendees:

American Values – Gary L. Bauer

Gary Bauer

ABC & Islam

ABC is in the middle of a major network initiative to explain Islam to America. Let’s hope someone explains Islam to ABC soon. Most of what has been presented so far is a whitewash of radical Islam.

I participated in one of the network’s events, a town hall debate on This Week. I was assured the show would be a “live-to-tape” one-hour discussion on Islam in America, focusing on the mosque at Ground Zero. Live-to-tape means there would be virtually no editing. In reality, the taping took two and a half hours, which means the editors at This Week cut more than half of it. The show aired over the weekend, and it was heavily edited.

It was immediately clear to me that the show was rigged. While 70% of New Yorkers are against the mosque, the audience was 90% in favor of it. There were many 9/11 families who showed up, but they were left out on the sidewalk, unable to get in. One of the panelists was Daisy Khan, wife of the imam who is trying to build the mosque. Reverend Franklin Graham, Robert Spencer, Peter Gadiel, whose son died at the World Trade Center on 9/11, and I carried on as best we could.

One of the most telling moments came during an exchange with Iranian author Azar Nafisi. Whenever anyone on her side of the panel spoke, the audience burst out in applause. But when she spoke against anti-Semitism, there was silence from the audience. So I started applauding, and a few others joined me. But it was striking to me that a room full of Muslim apologists couldn’t bring themselves to applaud a condemnation of anti-Semitism.


Jihad Watch

Robert Spencer

Wednesday night I participated in what turned out to be a jihad whitewashing circus hosted by Christiane Amanpour on ABC. It was part of the “This Week” show and will run at 11AM Eastern on Sunday morning, but I will not be watching, as Amanpour was energetically carrying water for the Islamic supremacists and dissemblers throughout the whole program. One egregious example came toward the end of the taping, when during the question-and-answer session Daisy Khan of the Ground Zero mega-mosque initiative said flatly, “It’s not a mosque.” A 9/11 family member and a member of lower Manhattan’s Community Board 1 then asked to speak, saying repeatedly that Khan was lying, since she had said that it was a mosque during a Community Board hearing. I added, “I was there, too, and I heard her say it was a mosque.” But Amanpour would not allow them a microphone, and actually cut off taping at that point.

That was the worst of it, but more lowlights came mostly from the sleazy Islamic apologist Reza Aslan, who retailed smear after smear of me — but when I tried to reply, Amanpour actually shushed me with her finger to her lips. (I kept talking anyway, but fully expect that that part and others in which I was able to get a word in will end up on the cutting-room floor.)

also from Mr. Spencer,

Reza Aslan is a Muslim writer who has been shown to play fast and loose with the facts before.

On ABC’s “This Week” this past Sunday, a pointless exercise in whitewashing jihad from which most of what I said was edited out, Aslan said to me, “No one is taking you seriously.”

Well, heavens to betsy, by all means we should take Reza Aslan seriously, shouldn’t we? And a serious character is always ready to back up his assertions with evidence, isn’t he?

So let’s see if Reza Aslan is really to be taken seriously at all. Here are some of the claims he made on “This Week”:

Well, [SIOA] comes from the – an organization, a neo – not – what the E.U. refers to as the neo-Nazi organization called Stop Islamization of Europe.

Please provide documentation, Mr. Aslan, for your claim that the EU, or any other government or law enforcement authority, has ever referred to SIOE as a neo-Nazi organization — which it in fact is not.

Also, you are a Board member for the National Iranian Advisory Council (NIAC), which has clear links to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and you have called for the U.S. to “squeeze a deal out of” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Don’t you think it’s ironic to call me, a defender of Israel and of human rights, a neo-Nazi while you are a Board member of an organization linked to a genocidally antisemitic regime, and want the U.S. to make a deal with a man who blames Israel for 9/11 and has called numerous times for its eradication? Who is really the neo-Nazi here?

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