The Islamicization Of France … Are We Next?

Please take a moment and watch this report – it’s very troubling.

Is this the future for us in America?? As I have mentioned on this blog before, radical leaders of Islam are advancing the cause of global domination.  Islam is not simply a “religion” or a “cult”, but a “system of life” – with  religious, legal, political, economic, social, and military components.  When there are enough Muslims in an area to begin agitating for religious privileges, the process of “Islamicization” begins. The process is gradual.  Eventually a culture comes to regard tolerance of Islamic religious practices as politically correct; then the rest of Islam’s components begin creeping in.

This is exactly what has happened to France.

Here in our country, there are voices speaking out about the true nature of the beast, Islam.  Reverend Franklin Graham, son of Christian icon evangelist Billy Graham, is one of them.  He has called Islam evil again.

H/t to Faith and Freedom Network

Franklin Graham: “Islam is Evil”

Franklin Graham

Reverend Graham has said it again. This time it was on ABC’s “This Week,” Rev. Franklin Graham: Islam ‘evil’ yesterday. He called Islam “wicked” and “evil”.  Franklin said he loves the Muslim people, but has, “great difficulty with the religion.”

He was scorned by some in our own government and the press for a similar statement some months ago and was un-invited to a prayer service at the Pentagon for his belief that Islam is evil.

Anyone who has spent time with Franklin Graham knows that he indeed loves people with God’s love and demonstrates that love in a thousand ways through his ministry throughout the world.

Franklin says he is especially concerned with, “Sharia law and what it does for women—toward women, (as shown in this photo of women being caned for selling food during Ramadan in modern, moderate Indonesia),

A moderate caning

toward non-believers, the violence that is given in—under Sharia law.”

The comments below demonstrate the blindness, ignorance and hatred toward anyone who speaks the truth in a public forum. The comments are similar to those being made in France over the past several years, as you have just seen in the video.

“Islam is evil? That’s a tough call.”—“Pot meet kettle.”—“Pretty much every religion out there is wicked and evil.”—“Crazies like Graham are a disgrace to Christianity.”—“He is evil himself, you can see his face.”—“Bigot,”—and on and on and on.

People in France have been in a politically correct stupor but have begun to awaken. For years the French government has been accommodating the extraordinary demands of Islam in the French culture, referring to it as a religion of peace. Proving they are truly elite and progressive, just as we are currently doing in America.

Now, there is an emerging cultural crises with Islam in the center of it.  IT’S CALLED “ISLAMICIZATION”.

Dale Hurd from CBN News, who prepared the video report you watched at the beginning of this post, says one man told him, “We were expecting Muslims to adapt to France, but France is adapting to Islam.”

Some French leaders are now beginning to look for ways to take back control of their own streets and culture and warning the West and America particularly, to beware.

Rather than demonize Franklin Graham, perhaps we should awaken from our own politically correct stupor and get real … before it’s too late.


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